The 8 Best Pro Scooters for Kids, Teens and Adults [2022]

Top 8 Best Pro Scooters for Kids, Teens and Adults

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Do you want to be eco-friendly while going to your work nearby, to school or you just want to have fun?  Pro scooters are just perfect for you. All you need is to move your feet, to balance and to be alert.

Pro scooters are significantly gaining popularity among people of different ages. Everywhere you turn, you’ll surely see someone using this convenient and easy to ride mode of transport.

6 Tips on Choosing a Pro Scooter

There is a variety of pro scooter brands present in the market. Each claim to offer you a set of unique specifications, which are in a way or two are different from their competitors. Your knowledge about the products and your needs will serve as deciding factors for purchasing a particular pro scooter brand.

Before I start the review, I am going to give you tips on how you can carefully choose a pro scooter from the market. Make your selection by following these simple suggestions.

1. Consider your age or whoever will use the pro scooter.

The age of the user should be paid attention to when buying a unit. For younger ones, cheaper and general scooters are advisable for a startup. There are sets of pro scooters suitable for each age group.

Also, you have to identify your level as a rider. Are you an entry-level or beginner, intermediate or a professional, who wants to upgrade your pro scooter?

2. Identify your purpose for purchasing a particular model.

Purchasing a pro scooter can be for riding to work within short distances or performing some tricks. Which one fits your need?

3. Be familiar with the main components/specifications.

The main components are decks, forks, clamps, bars, and wheels. Other parts are axels, brakes, headsets, and grips. For you to make wise decisions, know the details for each- like the length, the width, and other special features.

4. Know scooter jargons

To understand pro scooters better, you need to have a strong grasp of the jargons. The examples are shredder – stunt or scooter rider, comp-competition, grind – refers to tricks in which a rider slides along a surface, and complete – a regular ready-made scooter.

5. Want a complete or a custom-made mode?

These 2 are classifications of pro scooters. When we say complete this is a regular ready-made unit. It is the most popular type and can be easily found in stores. They are also cheaper in price. While custom is a unit made from assembling parts from different manufacturers. This type costs more than 3 times the price of a complete unit.

6. Be particular with durability and sturdiness.

These two will predict your safety while riding the unit or doing some stunts.

Here is a list of the best among all pro scooter brands. Identify what kind of scooter you need. Is it traditional or stunt? Are you looking for the best stunt scooter for your kids?

For those who are not familiar with these terms, the stunt is for those pro scooter riders who are adventurous and who like to do some tricks. While the traditional is for those who want a scooter for travel within short distances. It can be from their home to their workplace and vice versa. Review them and decide which one suits you best.

Top 8 Best Pro Scooters On The Market

Product Name
1. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete
2. Envy Series 6 Prodigy
10.5 lbsENVY SERIES 6 PRODIGY4.4/5.0
3. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter
8.6 lbs4.4/5.0
4. OUTON Pro Aluminum Performance Freestyle
5. Grit Extremist Pro Scooter
6. Delta Mach One
8.4 lbs5.0/5.0
7. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter
8. VOKUL Meta X1 Pro Scooter
8.82 lbsVOKUL META X1 PRO SCOOTER4.2/5.0

1. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

Top of the list for best pro scooters is Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete. It’s highly durable wide aluminum deck along with its other specifications had gained positive pro scooter reviews. It’s Nylon and Steel Triad Brake is noise free and is easy to adjust. Conceptualized and designed by experts.

No doubt that these pro scooters can withstand frequent bumps. It can be your constant companion in learning new tricks, for a long time. You can only expect the best from this popular scooter brand.

Wanted to fly high in the park? The scooter’s 110mm wheel can make it possible!

This product is among the easiest to assemble. In fact, you don’t need to put the parts all together. You just have to open the box, get it out, tighten a few bolts and wallllahh it’s ready for a ride.

It comes in three different colors- black, grey and teal. The colors are matched with nice graphics. This pro scooter is custom designed/tested by experts and by the best riders.

Great for tricks.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Dose 110mm cast aluminium core 6 spoke wheels
  • Noise Free Triad Brake
  • Extra Flush Hex Grips  – Extra-wide, Extra Flush
  • 6061 T-6 ALUMINUM DECK 4.5 “L X 19. 5 “ W
  •  High rebound 88A PU
  • Great Speed
  • Fuzion Chisel Sculpted one-piece Steel Fork
  • Sealed Head Set Bearing
  • IHC compression system
  • Steel Fork
  • Custom Riser Bar 22’’x 23’’
  • CNC 6061 Aluminium clamp with two 6mm bolts.


+ Just perfect for beginner to intermediate riders.

+ It’s easy to adjust brake helps you to be in control. Thus, ensuring the pro scooter riders’ safety at all times.

+ Solid built scooter, very sturdy

+ Customized grind rails on the bottom of the deck


+ Good for kids and teenagers, but not sure for adults like 6 ft. tall. If you have a height of 6 ft. or taller, you need to check out the height from the handlebar to the wheel. You might feel awkward riding this pro scooter.

+ So what are you waiting for?  Go get one, order online or purchase from your favorite supplier. It’s among the best stunt scooter to buy!

2. Envy Series 6 Prodigy

As you ride Envy Series 6 Prodigy, be ready for some attention.

With its powerful oil-slicked finish, heads will definitely turn as you pass by. The polyurethane wheels are secured with high-quality bonding to lessen the possibility of de hopping. It also features a nylon front and rear plates. The break is designed specifically for easy speed control, making it safer for the rider.

If you want smooth rides, then purchasing an Envy Series 6 Prodigy can provide you such a ride. It’s the number one freestyle scooter sold worldwide.

It’s created for intermediate to advanced riders. It is painted in high-quality finishes you can also choose from 5 different designs. You may select from colors such as Splatter, Gold Bandana, Candy Oil Slick and Black Oil Slick.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Prodigy 6061 Aluminum IHC Forks
  • 4130 Chromoly Aluminum Bars 24.5” H X 21.25 “ W
  • 6061 – T6 Aluminum Deck with size of 19.5 “ Long X 4.7 Wide
  • 120 mmm 6063 aluminum, Extruded Wheels with Glow in The Dark 86A PU and Nylon Bolt-On Brake
  • 5 mm Brake Bolt
  • 160 Long TPR Hand Grips With Nylon Barends
  • Newly designed Front Plate, Rear Deck Inserts and 2018 Rear Spacer System.


+ Taller rides can use Envy Series 6 Prodigy.

Get the value for your money.

+ Average review in is 4.5 stars out of 5. (54 customers)


+ For those riders who do not like attention or eye-catching colors, maybe you would reconsider buying another brand.

3. Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter

Some of its main features are durable heat-treated deck and high rebound polyutherane wheels. The bars are Japanese Chromoly Powder Coated Upsweep Fluted. Madd Gear had established the reputation for being one of the most notable brands in the pro scooter market.

Madd Gear VX7 Pro comes from the same company trusted by professional players of X games and Nitro Circus. No doubt it is among the most popular and favorites, especially for entry levels.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Headset: MFX Integrated and Sealed IHC
  • Deck: 19.5 “ L X 4” W 6061 T4 and T6 Heat Treated, Fluted with 3 degrees concave
  • Bars: 21 “ W X 23” H
  • Fork: Threadless 6061 3D Forged Alloy M1 120mm IHC
  • Wheels: 100mm MGP 88A Anodized Alloy Cores with High Rebound PU
  • Weight is 8.1 lbs. (3.7 kg.)
  • MGP Composite Blitz Brake
  • Bearings: K-2 ABEC 9 High-Speed Chrome
  • MGP Printed Full Deck Grip
  • Down Tube: Scalloped 83° Madd Head Tube


+ It is great for beginner pro scooter riders.

+ The aluminum deck is lightweight and durable.

+ It has an easily controlled flex brake.


+ The price is a little higher as compared to other pro scooters.

+ If you are a taller rider, then you must consider another pro scooter.

+ The alloy bars and fork are not suitable for smaller riders.

+ Poor integrated head set compression

+ It is relatively pricey as compared to other VX7 Models in the series.

4. Outon Pro Aluminum Performance Freestyle

The top bestseller pro scooter in It features a heavy-duty aluminum fork suited for any kind of tricks. The Outon Pro Aluminum Performance Freestyle has steel brakes and comfortable rubber grips. When buying a unit, you can choose from different models.

This pro scooter is created for beginner riders. It is durable, lightweight and partnered with the top of the line components. This aids riders to practice their tricks and move with complicated skills with ease. Indeed, it perfectly suits all riders’ needs. It is categorized as one of the cheap complete pro scooters.

It can accommodate up to 300 lbs.  Due to its quality, it’s highly recommended. By plenty of pro scooter riders who purchased / who tested this pro scooter.

Product’s Specifications:

  • 110mm Aluminum Core Wheels
  • DECK: 20″ x 4.3″ Aluminum 6061 T6 box-shaped deck, light in weight and designed for smoother grinds
  • SCS compression system
  • Full Aluminum V-Bars
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck
  • Full Aluminum V-Bars
  • 4 bolt Aluminum 6061 T6 Clamp, Aluminum 6061 T6 Fork
  • High Speed Abec 9 Bearings
  • 20″ x 4.3″ aluminum box-shaped deck height strength
  • 23″ wide aluminum batwing bar full deck grip tape tough abs composite wheel hubs heavy duty aluminum fork squared deck edges for superior hand grabssoft pro silicon & aluminum hand grips88a  PU/ forged CNC aluminum core wheels high-speed Abec 9 bearings.


+ It features a Nylon/Steel Custom Brake which is durable and noise-free. No need to worry if you’re not good at assembling things. It comes with an easy assembly feature.

+ It is the best budget stunt scooter to buy! So, review its specifications and you might see the pro scooter you are looking for.

+ A very versatile ride that meets the demands of street and park riding.


+ Not much for the Cons. Maybe if noise is appealing to you.  If it adds excitement to your ride, then this one is not exactly your type.

+ Well, suited to smaller than to taller riders.

5. Grit Extremist Pro Scooter

Grit Extremist Pro Scooter is an Australian brand and is one of the leading pro scooter brands in the world. The age limit for riders is 11 years of age. Its light feature is perfect for teens, but it is also strong enough for adults. It is a popular scooter brand known for its speed, striking/vibrant color, and functionality.

Now, geared up with metal core wheels. Ride it with confidence and have fun! This pro scooter has an alloy deck with diamond-shaped down tube. Girt Extremist is great for both street and park riding. It is carefully designed and engineered for newbie pro scooter riders.

The fork can withstand being abused or being overused. You can select from slik solid black finish with gold accents on the handlebar or an all gold model.

Product’s Specifications:

  •  100MM 88A Alloy Cast Core wheels
  •  ABEC 7 bearings
  •  Flex Brake
  •  Compression: Threaded
  •  Threaded high tensile steel fork
  • Alloy double clamp
  • 4 ” W x 19″ L with lightweight 6061 heat-treated alloy deck
  •  3 degrees concavity
  • Weight: 7.67 lbs.


+ The slightly concave shape helps your feet stay in place. It features soft feel grips.


The handle is rather short compared to other pro scooter brands.

6. Delta Mach One

Designed for intermediate to advanced rider. Delta Mach One leveled up in order to cater to more aggressive riders. With your package comes with 2 sets of wheels. Unlike, other popular scooter brands, the Delta Mach One perfectly matches to taller riders. It has a wider deck together with longer bars.

Both made it possible for more secure footing and better grips. Expect a better version of such a brand with regards to speed and size.

It is an all-aluminum construction.  Its manufacturers are involved in a recycling program, wherein used/old pro scooters are being exchanged for a new one. The exchange gives a discounted price for every unit bought.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Deck size 120mm( 4.75’) W and 510 mm ( 20”) L
  • ABEC 9 bearings – each unit comes with 120mm hollow core wheels and 120mm Delta custom wheels
  • Aluminum  Y style bars – 560 mm(22”) W and 635 mm (25”) H
  • Fully integrated headset
  • Flat sides that allow better tricks
  •  4 bolt clamp
  • Weight: 8. 5 lbs.


Do you have a hard time finding a pro scooter, because of your height? Then, Delta Mach, One is what you need.

Do you want to ride in style but not sacrificing speed and functionality? Again, Delta Mach One is here to match your preference.

Your purchase includes a warranty.

Average customer review in is 5 stars out of 5.


A pricey brand as compared to other best pro scooters on the list.

7. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

It is among the popular brands for scooter enthusiasts. Designed for an entry-level rider, who wants to do stunts or freestyle riding. Ideal for kids aged 6 + and for those who are up to 5’5 ft. tall. A light-weighted and well-balanced pro scooter which is best for performing your tricks and impressing your audience!

What’s best about it? Pro scooter riders can use this easily for improving their current tricks and learning new ones. It can give a lot of speed while still maintaining a smooth ride! What else?  The bars are specially designed for experienced riders and you can upgrade them!

Since it comes in new colors, purchasing a Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter will definitely make your ride in fashion. Currently, all new upgraded components were developed.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Scooter Weight: 9.0 lbs.
  • Deck Dimensions : 19.5” in length x 4.5 in width
  • Bars: 22″ T x 20″ W Hi-Tensile Steel T-Bars;
  • Wheels : 110mm 88A Alloy
  • Brakes : Phoenix Flex Brake
  • Compression: Mini Hic
  • Headset: Fully Integrated with Phoenix Top Cap
  • Clamp: 31.8 mm Standard Smooth Double Clamp
  • Reinforced Hi- Tensile Burner Fork
  • Dialed and ready to ride right out of the box.


Rider-friendly – suited for riders from beginners to professionals

Great Value for Your Money

5 minute assembly time

Easy to grip bars

Nice Graphics- which you can enjoy for a while

Average customer review in 4. 5 stars out of 5


If your 6 ft. tall look for another brand, it is not really advisable for tall riders.

8. Vokul Meta X1 Pro Scooter

On number 8 as top best pro scooters, is Meta X1 Pro Scooter

It had been tested by professional riders for its durability. This is high performing pro scooter, which comes with a unique snakeskin graphics.  It is easy to assemble with only 3 bolts to tighten. Moreover, it is built with 110mm metal wheels that offer a smooth ride anywhere you are. Be on the streets or at the skate parks. Best for skate park tricks!

Another of its features, which I think you’ll be interested in, is a non-slip deck, which ensures safety for its riders.  You can select from 4 different designs and colors: Oil Slik, Black, Black Snakeskin and Bright Snakeskin. Meta X1 is designed for intermediate to advanced and master pro scooter.

It is considered the best freestyle pro scooter present in the market today. It also features Anti-slip Comfort Grips. Vokul had recently gained its reputation as one of the most popular scooters. Wheels are bigger and made of Anti – Tough and high rebounding PU.

Product’s Specifications:

  • Aluminum Quadruple Lock Holes Clamp
  • Reinforced integral one-piece head tube
  • Threadless 60613D forged alloy fork with sealed HIC compression
  • 120mm 3D forged aluminum core scooter wheels
  • Bars with 24.6”H X 24.6”W
  • Deck with 20.7”L X 4.5”W
  • Total weight 8.8 lbs. ( 4kg)
  • Capacity: 300 lbs. (135kg)
  • Pro Scooter bar made of complete aircraft aluminum with T4T6 heat treatment


This best pro scooter is lightweight but sturdy. It features top components for each part.

It comes with enormous upgrades. If you are a serious rider, this model can be your best companion in learning to accomplish your new and demanding stunts.

When something goes wrong, you can easily fix it or replace it. All parts are available in Average customer review in is 4 out of 5 stars (75 customers)


This product is pricey as compared to other cheap complete pro scooters.

The tires can wear down easily.


The above are guides for doing your selection among popular scooter brands. Thoroughly, read them and find that pro scooter which you like best, answers your needs and matches your budget. It’s very advisable for you to personally visit your nearest store/supplier and try out a pro scooter.

Every pro scooter is unique, just like how unique is every rider.

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