ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter Review: Worth the Hype?

If you’ve been on the lookout for a cool pro scooter, you might have heard of the brand ARCADE Pro Scooters. They’ve been making scooters for a while now, and people seem to really like them. Today, we’re talking about one of their latest models, the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter. So, if you’re someone who loves doing tricks or just cruising around town, this might be something you’d want to know about. We’ll dive into what makes this scooter special and if it’s worth getting one for yourself. Let’s get started!

ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter: Specifications and Features

Dimensions, weight, and capacity

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter isn’t too big or too small. It’s just right for most people who are into scooting. It weighs in at a manageable weight, which means you won’t feel like you’re lugging around a heavy piece of metal. Plus, it can carry a decent amount of weight, so whether you’re a teen or an adult, you can hop on and enjoy a ride.

Material and build quality

What’s great about this scooter is how sturdy it feels. It’s made of some solid materials that don’t give up on you when you’re trying out those tricks. The build quality? Top-notch. It doesn’t feel flimsy or like it’ll break easily. When you’re out there doing stunts, you want something that lasts, and this scooter offers just that.

Color Options and Design Aesthetics

No one wants a boring-looking scooter, right? The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus comes in a few cool colors. Whether you like something flashy or a bit more subdued, there’s a color for you. The design is sleek and modern. It looks professional, but it still has that fun vibe to it.

Special Features

Now, here’s where this scooter stands out. Unlike some other stunt scooters out there, the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus has a couple of unique features. For starters, it’s got a special grip handle that makes sure your hand doesn’t slip even when you’re sweaty. Plus, there’s an extra-wide deck that gives you more space to land your tricks. It’s these small things that make a big difference when you’re out and about on your scooter.

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter brings a lot to the table. It’s not just another scooter; it’s a well-thought-out piece of gear for anyone serious about their scooting.

Performance and Ride Experience

Maneuverability and Balance

When you first hop on the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus, you’ll notice how easy it is to move around. Whether you’re weaving through a crowded place or taking a sharp turn, this scooter responds quickly. It’s balanced just right, so you won’t feel like you’re about to tip over, even when you lean a bit too much on one side.

Smoothness of Ride and Shock Absorption

No one likes a bumpy ride. Luckily, with this scooter, you get a smooth glide. Even on not-so-perfect roads or paths, it absorbs the little bumps and shocks pretty well. So, you won’t have to worry about feeling every tiny pebble or crack you ride over. It’s all thanks to its great wheels and the shock-absorbing system it has in place.

Performance in Stunts

If tricks and stunts are your thing, the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus won’t disappoint. You can get some good height with jumps, and it’s sturdy enough to handle landings. Tailwhips? They feel smooth. And other tricks? With some practice, you’ll be nailing them in no time. This scooter gives you the confidence to try out new things and push your limits.

Grip and Control

Ever had that scary moment where you felt like you were losing control of your scooter during a fast trick? With the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus, that’s a worry of the past. The grip on the handlebars and the deck is really good. Your hands and feet stay where they should, giving you full control, even during those heart-racing, fast-paced stunts.

In a nutshell, the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus offers a fantastic ride experience. It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about enjoying every second you’re on it and feeling confident to showcase your skills.

Durability and Build Quality

Materials Used and Their Longevity

When you first lay your hands on the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus, you can tell it’s built to last. It’s made from top-grade materials, which not only make it strong but also durable. It doesn’t feel like one of those scooters that’ll give up on you after a few rough rides. These materials are meant to handle a lot, so you can expect this scooter to stick around for a long while.

Any Reported Issues or Common Wear and Tear

With any product, after some time, there might be a few common things that wear out. For the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus, some folks have mentioned [e.g., “the grip tape on the deck might need replacing after heavy use” or “the brakes might wear down after a year or so”]. But hey, that’s pretty standard for most stunt scooters out there.

How It Holds Up Against Extreme Use and Multiple Stunts

If you’re the kind of person who lives on their scooter, doing trick after trick, you might wonder how the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus holds up. Well, it’s a champ. It can handle the stress of multiple stunts and doesn’t easily bend or break, even with extreme use. So, if you’re out there every day, pushing it to its limits, this scooter’s got your back.

Recommendations for Maintenance to Increase Lifespan

Like with anything, a little care can go a long way. To make sure your ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus stays in tip-top shape, here are some simple things you can do:

  • Clean it regularly: Dust, dirt, and grime can wear down parts over time. Give it a quick wipe-down after your rides.
  • Check the screws and bolts: Every once in a while, make sure everything’s tightened. This helps avoid any sudden breaks or issues.
  • Replace worn-out parts: Things like grip tape, wheels, or brakes might wear out over time. Keep an eye on them and replace them when needed.
  • Store it properly: When you’re not using it, keep it in a dry place. This helps avoid any rust or corrosion.

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus is built tough. With a little love and care, it’s a scooter that’ll be with you for a long time, through all your adventures and stunts.

Safety Features

Brake System Efficiency and Reliability

Safety is a top priority when you’re out and about on your scooter, and the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus takes it seriously. Its brake system is top-notch. Whether you’re going fast or just cruising, when you need to stop, it stops. The brakes are reliable, giving you peace of mind that you won’t suddenly find yourself unable to slow down or halt when needed.

Grip Tape Quality and Effectiveness

Ever had that slip of the foot in the middle of a trick? It’s scary, right? The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus has got you covered. The grip tape on the deck is of high quality. It ensures that your feet stay in place, even during intense maneuvers or in wet conditions. It’s made to give you that extra bit of safety and confidence during your rides.

Stability During High-Speed Maneuvers and Tricks

Wobbly scooters? No, thank you! This scooter offers stability like no other. Even during high-speed rides or while pulling off those complicated tricks, it remains stable. The design and build make sure you don’t feel shaky or out of control, even at top speeds.

Additional Safety Mechanisms or Accessories

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus doesn’t stop at just the basics. It comes with reflective stickers for better visibility during nighttime rides. And the good news? If you’re all about adding more safety features, there are plenty of accessories you can get. Things like LED lights for the wheels or an attachable bell to alert pedestrians are easy to add on and help make your rides even safer.

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus is not just about fun and stunts; it ensures you have a safe experience every time you’re on it. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, knowing that your scooter has got your back when it comes to safety is a big plus.

User Experience and Feedback

Collation of User Reviews from Various Platforms

We took the time to gather reviews from different platforms where people talk about their experiences with the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus. Sites like Amazon, eBay, specialty scooter forums, and even some YouTube channels gave us a pretty good idea of what users think about this scooter.

2. Common Praises: Most users had some great things to say about the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus:

  • Durability: Many users mentioned how the scooter holds up well, even with regular and rough use.
  • Smooth Ride: Several reviews praised the comfortable and smooth ride it offers, even on not-so-great surfaces.
  • Appearance: A good number of users loved the design and color options, mentioning that it looks even better in person.
  • Value for Money: A common sentiment was that, for its price, the scooter offers features and quality comparable to more expensive models out there.

3. Common Criticisms: While the majority of the feedback was positive, there were some criticisms as well:

  • Weight: Some users found the scooter a tad heavy, especially younger riders or those new to scooting.
  • Adjustments Needed: A few reviews mentioned needing to tighten or adjust some parts out of the box for optimal performance.
  • Grip Tape Wear: Although the grip tape is of good quality, a handful of users noted that it wore out faster than they expected and had to replace it.

4. Insights from Professional Stunt Scooter Riders: We also took a look at what the pros had to say, and here’s a summary:

  • Performance: Many professionals were impressed with its performance, especially given its price point. They felt it was suitable for both beginners and intermediate riders.
  • Stability: The scooter’s stability during high-speed tricks was praised by a number of professionals, who felt confident pulling off complicated maneuvers on it.
  • Suggestions: Some pros suggested investing in a few upgrades, like better-quality grip tape or customized handlebars, to enhance the scooter’s performance even further.

All in all, the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus seems to have left a good impression on its users. Whether you’re just starting out or have been scooting for years, the feedback suggests that this scooter is worth considering.

Price and Value Proposition

Comparison with Similar Products in the Market

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter, when compared to its competitors, falls within the mid-range price bracket. Some well-known brands offer stunt scooters at a higher price, boasting premium materials and exclusive features. On the flip side, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but they often compromise on certain aspects like build quality or feature set.

Assessment of Value for Money:

  • Features: The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus packs a punch when it comes to features. From its efficient brake system to the quality grip tape, it has most of what one would look for in a stunt scooter. When you compare these features with the price, it certainly offers a lot for what you pay.
  • Durability: One of the standout points from user reviews was the scooter’s durability. Durable products often mean fewer frequent replacements and repairs, translating to savings in the long run. Given its robust build and materials used, it’s a solid investment.
  • Performance: Performance is paramount when it comes to stunt scooters. From the feedback of both everyday users and professionals, it’s evident that the ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus doesn’t disappoint. When you consider its price point and how it stands up in terms of performance against higher-priced competitors, the value proposition becomes even clearer.

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter offers great value for money. While there might be more premium options available on the market with additional bells and whistles, for its price, this scooter delivers a balanced mix of features, durability, and performance. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable stunt scooter without breaking the bank.


  • Durable Build: Made with high-quality materials that withstand rough use and multiple stunts.
  • Smooth Ride: Efficient shock absorption provides a comfortable experience even on uneven terrain.
  • Great Performance: Stands up well during various tricks, offering stability and control.
  • Value for Money: Packed with features that are typically found in more expensive models.
  • Appealing Design: Offers a modern aesthetic with multiple color options.
  • Safety Features: An efficient brake system and quality grip tape ensure a safer ride.


  • Weight: Some users find it a bit on the heavier side, especially younger riders.
  • Grip Tape Wear: The grip tape, though of good quality, might wear out faster than expected for some users.
  • Initial Adjustments: A few parts might need tightening or adjusting right out of the box.
  • Competition: While it offers great value, there are other brands with a longer reputation in the stunt scooter market.


The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter stands out as a commendable option in the ever-growing market of stunt scooters. With its robust build, an impressive set of features, and an emphasis on rider safety, it offers a package that’s hard to overlook. Its performance, backed by positive feedback from both everyday users and professionals, attests to its quality and reliability.

The ARCADE Pro Scooters Plus Stunt Scooter offers a compelling mix of durability, performance, and value. It’s an excellent pick for many, though, as with any product, specific preferences and needs might lead some riders to explore other options. Nevertheless, for what it brings to the table, it’s a choice that’s likely to leave many riders satisfied.

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