10 Best Longboards for Your Ultimate Ride

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Longboarding for commuting and exercise has grown in popularity. Longboards are great for cruising, racing, and carving hills. Finding the right longboard might be difficult with so many options. This post will review the top 10 best longboards to help you locate the perfect ride.

Best Longboards for Your Ultimate Ride

Longboarding is Great for Transportation

Longboarding is another fantastic exercise. It strengthens balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. Longboarding can be done alone or with companions, making it a wonderful way to meet new people.

Longboard Quality

Your ideal longboard fits your demands. Longboards should be stable, durable, and maneuverable. Beginners need a solid longboard for safety. Longboards must also be durable to survive frequent use. Finally, skilled riders need mobility to perform tricks and carve turns.

Factors to consider when choosing Longboard

Riding Style

Longboards are chosen based on riding style. Cruise, carve, downhill, freeride, and dance on longboards. Thus, your longboard must match your riding style.

Skill level

Longboard selection also depends on skill level. Beginners should choose a solid, easy-to-control longboard. Experienced riders might pick longboards with higher speed, maneuverability, and reactivity.

Deck Dimensions

Longboard stability and mobility depend on deck design and size. From 28 inches to over 46 inches, the form can be pintail or drop-through. Smaller longboards are more maneuverable, but larger ones are more stable.

Truck Type

Trucks attach decks to wheels. Longboard stability and turning depend on the truck type and size. Trucks are standard or reverse kingpins. Standard trucks are more stable, while reverse kingpin trucks are more agile. Larger vehicles are more stable but less maneuverable.

Wheel Size/Hardness

Wheel size and hardness affect ride speed, grip, and smoothness. Smaller wheels are more controllable but slower. On a durometer scale, harder wheels are faster and more durable, while softer wheels are grippier and smoother.

Here are the 10 Best Longboards for Your Ultimate Ride

#1. Atom Drop Through Longboard

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is one of the best-selling longboards. It is stable agile and durable, providing you with the best riding experience. Let’s examine its main benefits and drawbacks.

Key features:

  • Deck: The Atom Drop Through Longboard has a strong, 9-ply maple laminate deck.
  • Reverse-kingpin trucks give longboard stability and simple turning.
  • Wheels: It has 70mm, 78-a durometer wheels for cruising and cutting on any surface.
  • ABEC-9 bearings make the Atom Drop Through Longboard fast and smooth.


  • Stability: The Atom Longboard’s Drop-Through design improves stability and control, making it excellent for downhill riding and carving.
  • Longboard maneuverability: reverse kingpin trucks improve the turning radius
  • Durability: The 9-ply maple laminate deck withstands heavy use and tough terrain.
  • Smooth Ride: ABEC-9 bearings and soft wheels make the Atom Drop Through Longboard ride smoothly.


  • Heavy: The Atom Drop Through Longboard is heavy due to its solid construction, making it tiring to ride or carry.
  • This longboard is fantastic for cruising and carving, but not for tricks or advanced riding styles.

#2. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard

The useful and attractive JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard is a wonderful longboard. It’s bamboo and maple deck and Hawaiian-inspired motif are unique. This longboard’s distinguishing traits include:

Key features:

  • Deck: The JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard’s bamboo and Canadian maple deck is strong and flexible. It is 42 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, providing enough foot space for riders.
  • Trucks: The longboard has Paris trucks for a smooth ride. High-quality aluminum alloy makes the trucks strong and light.
  • Wheels: The JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard has 78A polyurethane wheels that are cruising—and carving-friendly. The 70mm wheels slide over cracks and bumps easily.
  • Bearings: The longboard has smooth, silent ABEC-7 bearings. Sealing the bearings keeps dirt and debris out, extending their lifespan.


  • The stylish design will turn heads wherever you go. Hawaiian-inspired graphics conjure tropical paradise.
  • The bamboo and maple deck, Paris trucks, and 78A wheels make it ideal for cruising about town or carving down slopes.
  • High-quality materials make this longboard sturdy and long-lasting. Bamboo and maple decks are strong and flexible, while aluminum alloy trucks are lightweight and strong.


  • Due to its length and narrow width, the JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard may not be as easy to turn as other longboards, making it unsuitable for technical riding.
  • The Paris trucks make the JUCKER HAWAII ride smoothly, but it may be less stable at high speeds than other longboards. This may make it unsuitable for experienced riders seeking high-speed rides.

#3. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard

Top-rated longboards are Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard. It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned longboarders.

Key features:

  • Deck: The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard has a 41-inch drop-down deck for stability and control. 9-ply Canadian maple makes the deck strong.
  • Trucks: The longboard has aluminum alloy HD7 heavy-duty trucks. These powerful trucks can manage high speeds.
  • Bearings: The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard has smooth, rapid ABEC-7 chrome bearings.
  • Wheels: The longboard has Q-Ball 70x52mm cruising and carving wheels.


  • Stability: This drop-deck longboard is ideal for downhill riding and high-speed cruising.
  • Durability: The longboard’s 9-ply Canadian maple deck can sustain hard use.
  • Smooth Ride: ABEC-7 chrome bearings and Q-Ball wheels provide a smooth ride over bumps and difficult terrain.
  • The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard is great for cruisers and carvers because it is made to carve.


  • hefty: The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Complete Longboard is hefty, making it hard to carry.
  • Tricks and feats may be tough on this longboard due to its drop-down deck design.

#4. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber longboards

Longboarders love Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber longboards for their performance and durability. They provide a smooth, stable ride.

Key features:

  • Deck Material: Bamboo and carbon fiber are used for the decks of Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber longboards to make them as strong and durable as possible.
  • The board’s concave design makes it easy to grasp and move.
  • Longboard wheelbase: The distance between the front and back wheels of Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber has a 28.5-inch wheelbase for stability and control.
  • Flex: The longboard’s mild flex ensures stability and comfort.
  • Bearings: smooth, quick riding. The longboard has high-quality, low-friction ABEC-9 bearings.


  • Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards give you a great ride because they are durable and perform well.
  • Smooth Ride: The bamboo and carbon fiber parts of the longboard, along with the moderate flex and ABEC-9 bearings, make for a smooth ride.
  • Even at high speeds, the board’s concave shape and 28.5-inch wheelbase make it easy to steer.
  • The Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards’ stylish design will set you apart.


  • Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards are expensive, so they can’t be bought by people on a tight budget.
  • Weight: The board’s bamboo and carbon fiber construction make it heavier than comparable longboards, which some riders may dislike.

#5. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard completely performs and looks great. Loaded Boards, a popular longboarding brand, makes high-quality, durable boards for different riding styles.

Key features:

  • Deck: The Tan Tien’s deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass laminated vertically, making it more flexible and durable. The 39-inch-long, 8.75-inch-wide board fits riders of various sizes.
  • Trucks: Paris V2 180mm trucks are responsive and stable. These trucks have high-quality bushings for turning.
  • Wheels: The Tan Tien’s Orangatang Stimulus 70mm wheels are the perfect mix of speed and grip. Even on tough terrain, these wheels are built for comfort.
  • Loaded Jehu V2 bearings provide a fast, smooth ride at high speeds.
  • Grip Tape: Tan Tien’s special grip tape has great traction and grip, so your feet will always stay on the board.


  • The Tan Tien’s bamboo and fiberglass deck is flexible enough for cruising, carving, and freestyling.
  • The Paris V2 180mm trucks are stable and responsive, so you can ride fast and turn tight corners.
  • Even on tough terrain, the Orangatang Stimulus 70mm wheels deliver speed, traction, and comfort.
  • Your feet will always stay on the board thanks to the special grip tape.


  • Budget-conscious longboarders may not be able to afford the Tan Tien.
  • Downhillers may prefer a stiffer board.

#6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

The Playshion Drop Through Longboard is a versatile freestyle cruiser. This drop-through board is easy to push and carve because of its low center of gravity. What else distinguishes this board? Let’s examine its main characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Key features:

  • The Playshion longboard’s drop-through design lowers the deck and brings the rider closer to the ground, improving stability and ride quality.
  • Riders stand on an 8-ply Canadian maple wood deck. Grip tape prevents slippage and improves traction on the deck.
  • The Playshion longboard has ABEC-9 bearings, 70mm polyurethane wheels, and 7-inch aluminum trucks. These parts provide a responsive ride.


  • Versatility: The Playshion longboard is perfect for beginners and seasoned freestyle cruisers. This board suits beginners and advanced players.
  • Even at high speeds, the drop-through construction and excellent components offer a steady and smooth ride. The board is versatile and easy to control.
  • Inexpensive: Compared to other longboards in its class, the Playshion is inexpensive.


  • The Playshion longboard can handle speed, but it’s not built for downhill riding. Look elsewhere for a downhill board.
  • Deck design: The deck is robust, but some riders may find it basic. Some longboards are more attractive.

#7. Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard

The Atom All-Terrain Longboard from Atom Longboards is a great choice for the ultimate ride. This longboard can handle any terrain, from smooth pavement to rougher pathways, making it ideal for riders who like to explore.

Key features:

  • Size: The Atom All-Terrain Longboard is 39 inches long and 9.6 inches wide, making it perfect for all riders.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks give longboard stability and mobility on any terrain.
  • Wheels: The all-terrain longboard has 70mm x 51mm off-road wheels for riding on gravel, dirt, and other tough surfaces.
  • Deck: The longboard’s maple laminate deck is durable enough for frequent use.
  • Bearings: The Atom All-Terrain Longboard has smooth, quick ABEC-9 bearings.


  • Versatile: The Atom All-Terrain Longboard can handle any terrain, making it ideal for adventurers.
  • Durable: The longboard’s strong deck and components assure years of continuous use.
  • Smooth Ride: ABEC-9 bearings and all-terrain wheels make sure that even on rough terrain, the ride is smooth.
  • Easy to Turn: The reverse kingpin trucks make the longboard easy to turn and navigate, making it a good choice for all ability levels.


  • The Atom All-Terrain Longboard is heavier than other longboards due to its all-terrain characteristics.
  • Longboards are wonderful for cruising and exploring, but they’re not good for tricks.

#8. APOLLO Longboard Skateboards

The appropriate longboard can improve your riding. APOLLO longboard skateboards are popular among beginners and pros for their sleek appearance, smooth riding, and overall performance.

Key features:

  • Deck: The Apollo Longboard Skateboards sport a high-quality, 8-ply hardwood maple and bamboo deck that can handle any riding style. Pintail, drop-through, and drop-deck decks exist.
  • Wheels: These longboards have huge, soft 70mm wheels for traction and stability. Since the wheels are great for difficult terrain, all-terrain cycling is ideal.
  • Trucks: The Apollo longboard skateboards use 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks for smoother turning. These boards are ideal for downhill, carving, and cruising.
  • Bearings: High-quality chrome steel bearings make these longboards ride smoothly.


  • Durability: The Apollo longboard skateboard’s strong deck can handle heavy use and rough riding situations.
  • Versatility: From cruising to downhill racing, these longboards are flexible.
  • Smooth ride: The big, soft wheels make even difficult terrain comfortable.
  • These boards are suitable for all-terrain riding because of their gripping wheels.


  • Price: These longboards cost more than others.
  • Heavy: These longboards may be too heavy for tricks and freestyle riding.

#9. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete is one of the greatest longboards for a smooth ride. Longboarders love Loaded Boards’ Icarus model. This longboard’s main characteristics, advantages, and downsides are listed below.

Key features:

  • Bamboo and fiberglass construction: Bamboo and fiberglass make the Icarus lightweight and sturdy.
  • Drop-through design: Lowering the board improves stability and usability.
  • Flex 1 and Flex 2 options: Riders can choose the Icarus flex that best suits their weight and riding style.
  • Longboards have huge, soft wheels that glide smoothly and can tackle difficult terrain.
  • Comfortable concave form: The Icarus’ concave shape helps riders grasp and control the board.


  • The drop-through design, big wheels, and comfy concave shape provide for a smooth ride.
  • Bamboo and fiberglass construction make the board lightweight and sturdy.
  • Versatile: The Icarus longboard may be utilized for cruising, carving, and downhill.
  • The Icarus has Loaded Boards’ signature style.


  • Expensive: For those on a budget, the Icarus is one of the most expensive longboards.
  • The Icarus is a flexible longboard that can be utilized for a number of riding techniques, but novices may not like it.

#10. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Cruiser

Cruisers and free-riders select VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Cruiser. This longboard is for beginners and pros. Its smooth ride and stability are ideal for long-distance rides, downhill runs, and freeriding.


  • Deck: 8-ply natural hard rock maple. The stable 42-inch-long, 9-inch-wide deck has foot space.
  • Trucks—The longboard incorporates high-strength aluminum alloy reverse kingpin trucks for excellent turning and carving.
  • Adjustable trucks allow customization.
  • Wheels—The longboard’s 70mm x 51mm polyurethane wheels are fast. 78A durometer wheels are perfect for rough-surface cruising and freeriding.
  • ABEC-9 bearings make the longboard silent and smooth. Pre-lubricated bearings ease maintenance.


  • Anyone may ride the VOLADOR Freeride Longboard Cruiser.
  • The hard rock maple longboard has reverse kingpin trucks for turning and carving.
  • Smooth, fast ride with ABEC-9 bearings and huge wheels with soft durometer ratings.


  • Skilled downhillers may find the longboard overly heavy, and the grip tape may wear out quickly.

Understanding Longboard Anatomy

Longboarding has swept the planet, a sport for all ages, from cruising to downhill racing. Before choosing the best longboard, newbies must learn its parts. This article examines a longboard’s anatomy and parts.


The longboard’s deck supports the rider. It’s made of wood, bamboo, or a mix of both and comes in several sizes. Deck form impacts riding style and maneuverability. Some longboards include kicktails for tricks and twists.

Grip tape

Riders’ feet grip the deck’s sandpaper-like grip tape. Some longboards have colorful grip tape. The coarseness of the grip tape might affect rider comfort and grip.


Trucks connect wheels to decks. The deck holds the baseplate, and the hanger holds the wheels and pivots on the kingpin. Kingpin tightness impacts the longboard’s turning radius.

Wider trucks are more stable, whereas narrower trucks are more maneuverable.


Wheels offer speed and traction. Polyurethane makes them in various sizes and durometers. (hardness). Smaller wheels are better for tricks and turns, while bigger wheels are faster. Harder wheels slide and drift better, but softer wheels grip better and ride smoother.


Bearings spin wheels smoothly. The bearing’s precision and speed depend on its ABEC rating, which is usually steel or ceramic. Smoother, quicker rides cost more with higher ABEC ratings.


Small plastic or rubber risers between the deck and the trucks add height and stress absorption. They prevent wheel bite on larger longboards. (when the wheels come into contact with the deck while turning).

Knowing a longboard’s parts helps you choose one that suits your riding style. The appropriate longboard components might improve your riding. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, learn about longboard anatomy and choose the right one.

Choosing the Right Longboard for You

Before buying the best longboard, consider a few aspects. The appropriate board can improve your ride.

  1. The riding style is first. Want to cruise around town, carve down slopes, or do skate park tricks? Boards vary by riding style. Smooth cruising requires a longer board with softer wheels. Downhill riding requires a shorter board with stiffer wheels and more symmetry. Tricks are easier with a shorter kicktail board.
  2. Skill level matters, too. Beginners need a forgiving board, while advanced riders need a stiffer board for better control at higher speeds and stunts.
  3. Deck shape and size are also significant. Longboard decks vary in size and benefits. A drop-through deck, for instance, is lower and more stable at high speeds. Due to their symmetry and broad wheelbase, pintails are ideal for cruising.
  4. Truck Type and Size Trucks connect wheels to decks. Each size and shape impacts how the board spins and feels. Beginners should use a regular truck, while skilled riders may select a narrower or broader truck for improved control.
  5. Wheel size and hardness affect the ride. Smaller wheels are better for tricks and maneuverability, whereas larger wheels are better for cruising on uneven surfaces. Softer wheels grip better and ride smoother, whereas harder wheels slide faster.
  6. If you’re new to longboarding, here are some tips: Wear a helmet, and knee and elbow pads first. Before hills or tricks, practice on level ground. Third, practice pushing and foot braking to master board control. Finally, ask experienced cyclists for assistance.

Safety First

Longboarding is fun yet deadly if you’re not careful. Mastering foot placement, balance, turning, carving, braking, and stopping will ensure a safe and pleasurable ride.

Longboarding performance depends on foot location. On the board, your feet should be properly placed at the front and back truck bolts. This position lets you ride safely.


Safe longboarding requires strong balance. Keep your weight centered over the board and bend your knees to absorb shocks and bumps. Engage your core muscles to maintain balance.

This requires turning and carving to easily handle corners and curves. Use your heels and toes to steer the board when turning. Carving needs long, sweeping spins and weight shifting on the board while maintaining speed.

Longboarding requires mastery of braking and stopping. You can slow down by dragging one foot on the ground or by sliding the board with your heels or toes. Avoid accidents by practicing braking in a controlled environment.

Longboarding is a popular outdoor activity that needs to be taken care of and fixed up so that it will last and work well. Longboarders must know basic maintenance to keep their boards in good condition for years.

Cleaning your longboard is important because dirt and debris can get into the wheels and bearings, making them wear out faster. Clean your board’s deck, trucks, and wheels with a soft cloth or sponge and light soap. Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning might ruin the board’s finish.

Tightening the Hardware: Longboard hardware can loosen over time, making the board rattle and harder to manage. Skate tools can tighten vehicles and wheel nuts and bolts. Check hardware tightness frequently to avoid riding accidents.

Replacing Parts: Longboarding’s high-impact nature wears out parts over time. Longboard wheels, bearings, trucks, and grip tape should be replaced occasionally. Check and replace worn parts regularly.

Storing Your Longboard: Proper longboard storage keeps it in good condition when not in use. Keep your board dry and cool, away from direct sunlight and harsh temperatures. Avoid tilting your board, which might warp or bend it. Store it upright on a stand or rack on the wall.

You can keep your longboard in good shape and ride safely by following these maintenance guidelines. To keep your board in good shape, check for wear and tear and fix or replace it as needed.


Longboarding is thrilling and enjoyable. To ride safely and enjoyably, get the correct longboard. Consider your riding style, skill level, deck shape and size, vehicle type and size, and wheel size and hardness while choosing.

Safety requires proper foot placement, balancing, turning, carving, braking, and stopping. Remember to clean, tighten, replace, and store your longboard.

These suggestions and the list of the 10 best longboards will help you become a pro at this thrilling sport. Always ride safely with a helmet and pads. With practice and patience, you’ll be zipping through streets and climbing hills!

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