Envy One Series 2 Scooter Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 03:31 pm

Kids and Teens nowadays spent their time mostly with their gadgets playing virtual games and watching different types of videos available online. There are only a few who play and go outside to play some physical activities – we’re indeed living in the digital age.

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But the good thing is there are some great toys for grown-up that can convince them to go outside and socialize while playing, and they are not new in the market at all.

These are the traditional kick scooters, and now they are more stunning and solid. The new Envy One Series 2 is the new generation of kick scooters in the market.

Envy is founded in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, and has achieved global status from their kick scooters that comes in different models. One of the most popular scooter models made by ENVY is the Envy One Series 2. This scooter is for younger riders who wants to enter the scooter scene.

Envy makes scooters that are suitable for beginners up to pro who are skilled at doing stunts.

The Envy One Series 2 Scooter is really meant for beginners, but this doesn’t mean you’ll get a toy-like scooter for kids that can’t be sturdy enough for a frequent ride because this model is made “solid” and is not painful for your pocket.

Main Features

Unlike the other scooters in the market, the envy one series 2 being sold i a base pack. Mean to say, you will be receiving the Fork, Deck, Bark, Brake, Headset, Handgrips (comes with different colors, depends on what color you choose), Wheels, Bar ends, and the Sticker pack.

So you will be able to customize the scooter with many aftermarket parts or if ever you want to change the color of your hand grip or wheels it would be very accessible.

This scooter is specially made for beginner riders who are looking for a low cost yet durable scooter, which can bring the best experience to first time users.

When talking about a flexible and smooth riding experience, a good brake is a must. And this tends to be one of the best features of envy one series 2, this model can take too much pressure on the emergency quick brake without any wrecking sign – an awesome feature right?

Scooter wheels usually have 7-8 bearings, and this Envy One Series 2 Scooter got 9. When it comes to this part of the scooter, the higher the number, the more precise the bearing is. Imagine an ABEC-9 bearing scooter that is only meant for beginners, a good deal right?

What’s New?

The Envy One Series 2 scooter has a nylon frond& rare inserts, new sleek bar gusset design, bar graphic, and the all-new 2018 spacer system.

The new spacer allows you to easily insert the wheels with no issue because this is where most buyers take too much time. This model by envy has also 5 different variants of colors including Teal, Pink, White, Green, and Red.


  • Weight:3.2kgs / 7 pounds
  • Brake: Nylon
  • Bars: Matted Black high tensile steel (two-piece bars 550mm/22” H x 520/20.5” W
  • Deck: 6 Series Alu deck (angle 82.5, width 120mm/4.7”, length 495mm/19.5”
  • Bearings: 100mm Metal Core wheels 86A PU ABEC 9 Bearings
  • New sleek gusset design for 2018
  • Fully sealed integrated headset
  • High-quality envy grip tape
  • Nylon front plate and rear inserts
  • 2 bolt clamp
  • Easy to assemble two-piece bar
  • IHC 4130 Thermal treated two-piece fork
  • TPR Handgrips 160mm long with Nylon Bar ends


  • Great braking system for safety
  • Customizable
  • Lightweight, which is best for kids
  • Good compression system
  • It has a wheel spacer that can help you insert the wheels easily if ever you want to change them for some purposes or even when you are just starting to assemble the parts


  • Takes time to assemble, which can be hard for kids or beginners
  • Meant for a smaller person whose height is not exceeding to 4’6
  • Not intended for pro scooter tricks


Price and specs are very much important when choosing a type of kick scooter. But there is another factor to keep in mind before purchasing a scooter, it’s who will be using it.

The envy one series 2 is a great type of scooter for “beginners” or first-time users. In fact, this solid scooter offers a very reasonable price despite its all-new features.

The bar size of this scooter is 22 H, 20.5 W, which is suitable for persons whose height is not exceeding to 4’6 feet. The bars, deck and wheel size plays a very important role in chooser the scooter that can fit you.

So if you’re just a beginner who wants to buy a scooter with a spec that will never disappoint you and at the same time a budget-friendly price for a trusted brand, the new Envy One Series 2 is the best bang for the buck.

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