Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter Review

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooters

Best for the road and skate park, Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter should definitely be on your bucket list!

It’s great for you because of these two reasons. First, if you are a beginner- this one is specially designed for entry-level riders. Next, it features upgrades available only to higher and more expensive pro scooter models. Do you want to buy a scooter for your kids? No problem it is also great for children.

Product Features

This pro scooter is made from the first-rate aluminum material. Its durability offers ultimate benefits. Particularly on safety, to you – it’s riders. Moreover, its lightweight material makes it appropriate for beginners including children. Yes, it is light weighted, but the ruggedness of aluminum allows it to handle and support very heavy weight. The product is 7.1 lbs. and can withstand up to 220 lbs.

Talk about durability. Pro Fuzion X3 Scooter is surely among the wisest purchase you can make. Its functionality gives you a great value for that hard-earned money! Use it as a ride to school or to some places nearby. Moreover, it can handle stairs and handrails. Whatever purpose you have, for work, or for play, Fuzion X3 Scooter is your best partner.

Rider Friendly

It is easy and simple to use. For this reason, it is highly recommended for beginners – to those who are still finding their tricks and speed. Safe and comfort are among the checklist of buyers when purchasing a scooter. These two factors mentioned, depend largely on the handlebars. The product’s handlebars are strongly built, making them sturdy.

These custom bars are purposely designed to withstand and handle pressure during tricks execution. To prevent it from getting loose easily, the triple head tube clamp is hooked to the handlebars. Another, which aids in making the handlebars sturdy, is the steel fork. They do not wobble when in use. Lastly, the product features an effective braking system, which provides safety and comfort to the ride.

The Pressure Resistant Wheels

The wheels are among the highlight features of Fuzion X3 Scooter. The product has 100-millimeter polyurethane wheels. They spin fast and come with a deck ideal for those who grind. They are smooth and strong as well, perfect for fast riding and gliding.  Ride it on the road or at the park.

Perform tricks with it. The wheels make it possible to move with ease at maximum speed.


Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck and High Tensile Steel V-Bars

A very durable pro scooter made from high-quality aluminum. The faze fork connects the neck with the deck. This product features a 4 inches wide deck.

3 Bolts Easy to Assemble Scooter

You just have to tighten 3 bolts and you are now ready to go.

ABEC – 9 bearings

Fuzion X3 features ABEC – 9 bearings which makes a smooth ride possible. This ABEC – 9 bearings is considered as the best, for it offers better precision and efficiency. However, the bearings’ rating doesn’t have any connection with load handling capability, the quality of materials and etc.

Noiseless Nylon/ Steel Brake

Hate noise? Don’t worry this pro scooter comes with an efficient brake, though you won’t hear any sound while riding on it.

Color Options

Gold, black, red and white are among the colors you can choose from. Ride in style with your pro scooter.


These wheels are just right for entry-level riders. However, they are not suitable for advanced riders. The 85 Polyurethane Wheels measure 100 mm. They are soft compared to the wheels of other pro scooter brands. Lastly, take note that these smaller wheels are great for tricks.

IHC Compression System

It features an integrated headset compression system or most commonly known as IHC compression system. It is very easy to dial the scooter using this system. Moreover, this maintains all components at the right tension. Unlike, some other types of pro scooters – Fuzion X3 Scooter is dialed straight from the delivery box.  There’s no need to remove the wheels, which is actually very inconvenient to do 

Custom Bars

Its contoured HT steel – used for building the custom bars were inspired by other professional stunt scooter models. It is assembled from very few parts. But no worries needed, the fewer the parts the better. This implies that there are fewer weak points and the custom bars are easy to grip.

Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this pro scooter model.


  • Available in various nice colors.
  • Good value for your money- very affordable
  • Highly Durable
  • Light deck
  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Noiseless brake
  • Components are upgraded like those found in pricey brands


  • Hard to adjust the brake
  • Has threaded headset
  • Wheels get flat easily
  • Handlebars are not adjustable


The Fuzion X3 Pro Scooter gives you a safe and comfortable ride. The superior quality features, which come at a great price results in positive responses from customers. It balances quality and affordability. Thus, it gained popularity from beginner riders.

Though, it has some minor downside like the wheels which can limit your stunts. Still, it remains one of the most well-liked pro scooters.  It remains among the best seller pro scooter models.

It’s tough to build, light and easy to assemble. On top of it all, it is made up of superior components.

What more can you ask for?!

It is a nice gift to give kids this coming Christmas.  It is simple and easy to maneuver. If you wanted to perform some difficult stunts, look for another model. On the other hand, if you want a simple mode of transport and learn simple tricks, then this one will do.  Enjoy it on the road and use it to impress with your stunts. Choose from various colors in the market. Ride in style with this model

This one is perfect for smooth street riding or hitting some tricks in the skate park.

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