GOTRAX G2 Electric Scooter Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 02:59 pm

If you are seeking a fun experience about transport that can take you miles and miles with minimal effort, you may want to check out the GOTRAX G2 Electric Scooter.

The kick scooter has become all the rage in recent years since it was first conceived as a “play toy” for kids using scrap materials a long, long time ago.

The idea behind this primitive and rudimentary form of the scooter is pretty simple—with little effort, as with the push of a foot, you get to travel certain distances that are more efficient than walking or running and not as physically-taxing as it would riding a bicycle.

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Simply, with a kick scooter, you are gliding across places because you tireless and find the overall experience to be amusing.

After at least a century since the first creation of the kick scooter, this piece of simple but brilliant technology has evolved in many ways. All of which with the intent of improving the experience by adopting elements that fit modern needs.

At some point in human history, we have seen the scooter become enlarged and fitted with an engine, making the first motorized scooter—but different from the modern motor scooter we know today—thusly called the “Motoped.” Subsequently, by taking the design of the Motoped into consideration and with the adoption of batteries, the “Autoped” was born.

We have come a long way since where batteries are smaller in size, made more efficient, and have larger capacities. They are now even employed with materials that many of the industries failed to do until recently.

This is not to mention a large leap from the original design which comes with many wheels whereas later renditions reduce it to simply two, including today.

Hence, why we have a product in the market the likes of the G2 Electric Scooter.

Design: Traditional with a Modern Twist

Following the same standardized design which makes the staple look for most kick scooters in the market today, the Gotrax G2 Electric Scooter is not astray when it comes to design. Without the need to reinvent the wheel—in terms of the overall design, that is—it instead adopted a style that is starkly more modern, but not necessarily going over the top, than any of its pre-existing ilks.

What you get is a product that has added flairs and unique features whose inclusion, if not solely for aesthetics, are meant to be functional—as aimed for the benefit of easier use and general convenience for the user.

As an electric-powered scooter, the G2 Electric Scooter adopts a small screen which digitally displays the level of the battery, consequently giving an indicator to its continued electricity-powered usage.

In addition, the same screen is also a source of other valuable information such as how fast you are going as measured in “mph” and whether or not the device within the scooter is connected to another device via Bluetooth.

Adding a layer of control for the user is the added accelerator by the handle which enables the level of speed by which the electric scooter goes.

But there is one major downside to this piece of hardware in terms of the schematic—it is not waterproof! This especially limits its use during the dry season and where accidental liquid spill, particularly during an abrupt rain, into its electronic parts can render its electric functionality ruined.

Amazing Battery Capacity

Charging a G2 Electric Scooter starts at least 8 hours. This is long enough to suggest how big—or just slow-charging—the battery of this machine is. But this is a poor way of giving an estimate, measure for any battery. Let us, therefore, talk about how long does a full-charged battery can take you.

Reaching a distance between 9 to 12 miles, considering the quality of the terrain and the level of use, under a single full charge, the battery capacity of the G2 Electric Scooter is either big or is simply cleverly-designed to be a very efficient source of energy. Either way, that mileage is pretty good, especially for something so compact.

Another battery-consuming feature of the G2 Electric Scooter is the added lighting system which gives users some luminescence during the dark.

Safe Speed

Riding on a kick scooter hybrid like the G2 Electric Scooter may not necessarily get you places fast enough when compared to, say, a motorized scooter, considering the disparity of the maximum speed.

But whether you take this notion for a disadvantage or not, it also unwittingly presents a hidden advantage—its max speed of 16 mph makes for just the perfect speed which likely prevents unwanted accidents that is rife when over speeding.

Furthermore, gliding at that rate is significantly better than not being in any transport vehicle at all, if you factor in the urgency of reaching certain places and time.

However, it is also worth noting that in order to achieve the ideal speed by which the G2 Electric Scooter could go depends on two important factors—the user’s weight and the quality of the terrain.

Intuitively, those who would be able to attain the marketed max speed of the product are those who are at a certain weight limit and those who traverse paths that are smooth enough for the electric scooter’s wheels.

The first of the two elements may not commonly be a problem amongst children at a certain age bracket. But adults, who are significantly heavier than kids, may find the idea more of a concern that can make or break the purchase of the product. As per specifications, the G2 Electric Scooter can only support up to 220 lbs. of weight.


  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Charging Time: 4 hrs.
  • Color: Black, Gray, White
  • Drive: Front
  • Front Light: Yes
  • Foldable Design: Pole Folding
  • Front Wheel: 6.5″, Rubber
  • Rear Wheel: 6.5″, Rubber
  • Include Battery: Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Load Capacity: 220 lbs. / 100 kg
  • Motor: 200w
  • Range per Charge: 5 – 7 miles / 8 – 11.2 kms
  • Speed: 12.5 mph, 2 speed
  • Front Brakes: e-brake
  • Rear Brakes: Foot Brake


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Portability makes it an easy choice for an outdoor companion
  • Youthful design appeals to most modern consumers


  • It’s not waterproof


Although the GOTRAX G2 Electric Scooter is not without its fault, its shortcoming is easily overlooked for the benefits it provides as a means of transport. But if you are truly looking for a reason to stay outdoors for longer and even reach places in the process, the G2 Electric Scooter makes for a good reason for both.

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