Gotrax GXL V2 vs Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter – Comparison Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 02:14 pm

Electric scooters are becoming popular because of their compact sizes and speed ability. And in today’s world full of traffic and clogged street because of cars and people, many consider it as a commuting solution. You may find expensive and high-end electric scooters in the market, but there is also a budget-friendly type that can give you better riding experience. Now, we have these two budget-friendly scooters on our includes Gotrax and Xiaomi m365.

Will these low price scooters mess up or can bring average to maximum experience for its price? Let’s see!

Gotrax GXL V2 vs Xiaomi M365

Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter

You may question their capability because of their cheap price, and you may even think that they are from unknown manufactures or just new in the market. But to tell you honestly, they are not.

Gotrax GXL Commuting Electric Scooter - 8.5" Air Filled Tires - 15.5MPH & up to 12mile Range (Black)


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The Gotrax GXL Electric Scooter is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the market now. It has a 250-watt engine that can travel almost 9-12 miles after a 4-hour charging. You can have a casual ride to the and from a grocery store and travel inside a huge campus without being late on your lecture. The design is almost seamless in style, there is no wire crafted outside the unit. The scooter is also equipped with a sturdy handlebar with a display panel. So you can keep track of your battery, headlights, and speed.

The Gotrax GXL is built with X frame supports riders up to 220lbs, making it one of the sturdiest and at the same time portable commuting companion in the market. Just like other high-end electric scooters market, the is equipped with LED headlights, which will allow you to ride even during night time.


  • Version 2 – Cruise Control, Handbrake, Reinforced Frame and Lock Mechanism
  • The ultimate commuting scooter for overcoming treacherous city streets with a very low price
  • GXL has a top speed of 15. 5MPH and holds a maximum of 220 lbs.
  • Perfect folding mechanism
  • Minimalist design handlebars
  • Enough bounce to make a comfortable ride
  • Brushless DC motor
  • 36V BATTERY – The GXL travels up to 9-12 miles and recharges in about 4 hours. Height from Handlebars to Deck-38 inch
  • The GXL Frame folds down and locks for easy storage making it a perfect commuting scooter
  • Can carry a 220 load which is not bad for the price


  • Motor: 250 W continuous front hub motor
  • Battery: 36V 187 Wh
  • Top speed: 15 mph (24 km/h) (actually goes a tad faster with full battery)
  • Range: 8-12 miles (13-19 km) depending on the riding mode
  • Weight: 31 lb (14 kg)
  • Load capacity: 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Brakes: mechanical disc brake in the rear; regen brake in front
  • Tires: 8.5″ pneumatic
  • Charge time: 4 hours
  • Extras: headlight, LED speedometer, and battery meter, 2 speeds, cruise control


  • Smoother ride thanks to pneumatic tires
  • Safer thanks to hand-operated rear disc brake
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Good build quality
  • One of the most affordable commuter scooters on the market


  • Some reviews point to poor customer service – some people have had issues with their scooter and Gotrax aren’t the most responsive. Problems do seem to be rare though.

Xiaomi m365 Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, Easy Fold-n-Carry Design, Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter (US Version with Warranty)

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The Chinese giant has been expanding tentacles from smartphones to market scooters. The Xiaomi m365 doesn’t compromise its quality for its very low price. The design also catches the attention of minimalist scooter riders because of its matte black aluminum frame package. It is also built with curved pedalboard for extra comfort, while the frame has been treated with corrosion-resistant coating.


  • Fast and long-range battery life
  • 250W motor propels with a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH
  • It has a portable folding design with 26.9lbs weight
  • Made up of aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Full safety double braking system
  • A scooter for all ages
  • Minimalist yet modern design
  • Awarded with Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award
  • IF Design Award 2017


  • Dimensions 44.9 in x 42.5 in x 16.9 in
  • Folded dimensions  19.3 in x 42.5 in x 16.9 in
  • Weight 26.9 pounds (12.2 kg)
  • Max load 220 pounds (100kg)
  • Top speed 15.5 mph (25 km/h)
  • Frame aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Tire size 8.5 inches
  • Recommended tire pressure 50 psi
  • Max torque 16 NM (11.8 lb-ft)
  • Motor  250W
  • Max incline 14%
  • Battery capacity 280Wh
  • Range 18.6 miles (30 km)
  • Charging time 5 hours
  • Braking distance 13.1 feet (4 meters) on dry asphalt


  • It has a minimalist design with no fancy stuff
  • Ultra-portable folding design
  • Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Full safety braking system
  • It comes with massive 18650 MAH Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 280 WH
  • Build with a kinetic recovery system that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy to charge the battery
  • There is an app for IOS and Android
  • Electronic parts are completely sealed


  • It can only lift 100kg
  • It has a very low ground clearance

Similarities and Differences

Gotrax gxl and Xiaomi m365 are both affordable and have a great design. Both have good design and performance. But the Xiaomi m365 has a faster top speed, lighter weight design, and most especially it is made from aerospace aluminum grade.


If you’re having a doubt about the Xiaomi m365 since it has a very cheap price. I have probably told you that this is not your average child’s electric scooter. To be honest, it’s not the ideal ride for children at all because of its bulky structure and speed. It will be pretty heavy stuff for kids to carry 12.5 kg even if it’s built with aircraft-grade aluminum. As you can see in the market, most electric scooters today are made from plastic, bulky, and old school design, and they are really noisy.

But with this Xiaomi m365, you can have a sturdy structure, safety ride, lightweight scooter (compared to other models), and a really fast motor for its cheap price. To wrap up this choice, the Xiaomi m365 doesn’t signify its price. The quality and performance is not really cheap but extreme.

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