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Last updated on May 29th, 2022 at 03:22 pm

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Kick Scooter can be your best friend in traveling within cities or just hovering around the park. It’s a great alternative to your 4-wheel drive, especially if you want not to be late at your work during rush hour. Truly, kick scooter is your great companion in times of traffic.

However, kick scooter riding can be more intense. Many scooter enthusiasts and fans, like the professional scooter riders able to make some trick – stunts while riding on the scooter. Doing this stunt needs to have a high-quality kick scooter like Kota Ninja Pro Scooter.

The brand Kota is named after Dakota “Kota” Schuetz who is known as “The Machine” to scooter enthusiasts. Kota started pro scootering at the early age of 10. As a dedicated kid, his able to excel on his craft. He has officially recognized icon of pro scooter over the past few years. He is also Guinness 4 times World champion record holder.

Kota Ninja Pro Scooter Review

Product Description

Height and Weight

Kota Ninja is designed for beginner to pro scooter rider. The height of scooter handle can be adjusted, and it depends on the user on what his comfortable. However, it’s more comfortable to ride on the higher handle while low scooter can be easier to do tricks. Kota ninja weights 7.7 lbs.

Deck and Headset

The size of the deck is 4.5” W x 19.5” L and is made up of aluminum. By using the latter material, the producers able to create a soft and lightweight. To produce stronger, heavier material and durable parts that last longer, they used steel. Deck platform is measured on its surface end to end.

The headset is standard with 81-degree headtube. Did you know that threadless headset is the most high-end type? Yes, you heard it right. And these headsets are recommended by Skatepro.

Compression, Clamp, and Fork

Using a trick scooter overtime a slack appears. A compression system helps to minimize these problems. Also, it helps to make sure the bar spins better.

Kota Ninja Pro Scooter has a mini HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) for easy assembly. There are 4 types of clamp, triple or quad clamp, single, triple and a double clamp which is used by Kota Ninja Pro Scooter.

Kota ninja uses a steel fork for stability. For your information, a one-piece fork is more durable compared to two-piece forks since they’re made separately unlike to one-piece which is cast a single block of metal.

Bars and Wheels

The bars of Kota ninja is made up of steel 31.8mm Standard and with 21.5″ High x 20″ Wide. Steel is heavier compared to aluminum, however, it has a longer lifespan. The wheels are made of alloy with a diameter of 100mm.


Grips is ODA KOTA signature, the handle is very comfortable and easy to steer. Doing your stunts and tricks can be much more fun on these safety features which is important in every pro kick scooter.

Product Specification

  • Deck – 4.5″ Wide x 19.5″ Long
  • Bars – Steel 31.8mm Standard, 21.5″ High x 20″ Wide
  • Wheels – 100mm 7 Spoke Alloy Core
  • Grips – ODI KOTA Signature
  • Brake – Flat 2 Bolt Brake
  • Compression – Mini HIC
  • Headset – Standard
  • Headtube Angle – 81 Degrees
  • Concave – 3 Degrees

Kota Ninja Pro Scooter is partially assembled. Some parts needed to be assembled after unboxing. But it’s not that hard, even a newbie can do that.


  • Good for beginners
  • Perfect for stunts and tricks
  • ODI Kota Signature grips
  • Wheels are 100mm made of 7 spoke alloy core
  • Heavy duty


  • Not suitable for an advanced rider


If your a beginner scooter rider then this Kota ninja scooter is ideal for you. With its adjustable handlebar, you can adjust it to your own taste. This heavy-duty pro scooter is also good to use by the intermediate rider as well. Before doing any tricks make sure you have a complete safety gear like helmet, knee and elbow protective pads.

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