Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 03:35 pm

If you are looking for the most durable yet budget-friendly pro scooter, then look no further than the Madd Gear VX7 Pro. Featuring designs that adhere to the traditional scooter, but made using only the most durable materials, this two-wheel ride is every user’s perfect companion to making cool stunts—and not break.

There are many scooters that have littered the market. Many can even be found in toy stores at a cheap price, aimed at giving children the simple joys of childhood. But like many hardware that is sold at a low price, cheap scooters are typically less durable.

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For the majority part, this is due to the fact that inexpensive goods are made less costly because they employ poor-quality parts.

Another problem with buying cheaper versions of certain products is that, while the product itself may be able to deliver the basic features it promises, that is where the benefit of buying cheap often ends at—only capable of the minimal benefits, nothing more.

Push the product beyond what its hardware is capable of and what you get is a broken-down toy that had suddenly expired its use.

However, the real problem with buying cheap scooters is the likely danger they possess when used unwittingly beyond their own capability. All the more reason you should not overlook quality simply for affordability. The age-old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is very much the theme here.

Best Entry-level Scooter from Madd Gear to Date:

Tougher and Lighter

Madd Gear is an industry-leading brand when it comes to stunt scooters which originated in Australia. Being in business for the last 15 years, developing products for the outdoor sports niche, this company is truly an expert in the business.

To state, therefore, that the VX7 Pro as the company’s best entry-level offering speaks volumes of the mastery they employ to coming up with its creation, beginning from the design.

But Madd Gear did not necessarily re-invent the wheel to come up with a masterful creation, they merely just tweaked on it. Looking from the previous model, the difference comes from the decision to shift from one material to the other in favor of both better durability and lighter weight.

Particularly, this is seen in the fork which was previously made out of steel and is now built with alloy.

If this transformation implies anything from users, it is that the product is significantly more long-lasting and lighter, too. Alternatively, the benefit of lighter weight also gives way to easy kicks, jumps, and flips which are critical components of the sport.


The previous models of Madd Gear’s scooter were mostly customizable only by aesthetics by changing decals. But the Madd Gear VX7 Pro is more than just about changing looks, it is also about replacing hardware with something better.

For the most part, this involves switching to bigger wheels, a feature not seen in the older models as delimited by the dimension of the fork.

Thanks to the enlarged space of the fork, users can now opt for any wheel larger than the average 100 millimeters. However, there is a limit even to this level of freedom—the improved fork can only accommodate up to 120 millimeters.

Although some people may see this level of alteration as mostly aesthetics and a reflection of one’s preference and even persona, there is also a functional aspect of the modification.

Similar to its motorized counterpart, bigger wheels are known to provide substantial perk when it comes to controlling. Not many people will realize the disparity in the level of control between a bigger wheel and the standard wheel size until they actually tried it.

For instance, a larger front wheel gives the scooter easier navigation. The notion even works as well when paired with a smaller wheel at the rear.

So, it is hardly surprising to come across builds which have asymmetry as the theme, instead of perfect balance.


  • Deck: Integrated 19.5” L x 4” W 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated & Fluted with 3° Concave.
  • Fork: Threadless 6061 3D Forged Alloy M1 120mm Mini HIC.
  • Headset: MFX Integrated & Sealed Mini HIC.
  • Bars: 21” W x 23” H 4031 Japanese Chromoly Powder Coated Upsweep Fluted.
  • Wheels: 100mm MGP 88A Anodized Alloy Cores with High Rebound PU.


  • High-quality build
  • Shift from steel to alloy makes for a subtle improvement
  • The ability to customize


  • Grip tape may not be as durable


When buying hardware such as a scooter, always aim for quality instead of price. While the low pricing may seem like a “bang for the buck,” this is not necessarily always the case until you have experienced the true quality of the product. Often the case, low-priced products connote poor quality and one likely to break.

The idea is especially applicable if you are keen on using your purchase of something more than just the basic usage. Scooters, particularly, are a kind of sporting tool that tends to be abused due to the nature of its sport.

You would definitely want to amp up your game by equipping yourself with only the best gear possible—and that normally comes at the right price.

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