How Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter Will Make You a Pro Rider

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 03:47 pm

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Notably, Madd Gear has been a popular brand in the scooter manufacturing business. Living to this, it has professional athletes at X – Games and in the Nitro Circus. The Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter is specially designed to give the premium ride to professional riders.

So what’s new?

With this new product come a lot of modifications on the VX8 Team Series. The upgrades are very evident starting off with the wheels, they are faster and the whole unit is more durable. When we talk about the deck, it also doesn’t fall short with the upgrades.

The design is superb. As always it comes with the stylish Madd Gear logo.

This is intended for extreme stunts and not your typical ride going home. Ideally, it is suitable for riders ages 8 years old and above.

Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter Features:

Everything about Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter speaks of durability. When we say everything, it means from the grips down to the wheels, no wonder Madd Gear would not be named as the World’s #1 for no reason. In terms of weight, this pro scooter will not let you down. It’s very lightweight! It weighs 1.63 kgs./ 3.59 lbs and this pro scooter comes with a threadless 6061 Alloy Double Clamp.

The company uses only the highest standard components. Among the best features of Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter are the wheels. These had been produced using the latest technology. Additionally, these wheels are paired with the new MGP polyurethane blend compound and fitted with K-2 (ABEC-9 Rated) wheel bearings. Thanks to these, and you can enjoy a smoother and faster ride.

While the extreme double clamp offers a strong or secure hold on any oversized bar. So you can just imagine the careful planning and assembly involved in the creation of Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter.

If you are thinking about the deck, let me just tell you that it has a lot of space for you. You’ll definitely be comfortable in doing stunts or simply riding this scooter. The deck is wider and features Madd Gear’s signature headtube cutout, high-density pp deck blocks, and downtube inserts. This deck has a flat bottom making it suitable for street riding.

When we talk about the neck, you’ll notice its gooseneck form. With its perfect welding, riders can smash their deck with little worry of breakage and damage. In addition, the deck is paired with a flex brake and grip tape.

Composite Flex Brake

These are lighter and stronger. Plus, you’ll have less noise than those metal flex brakes you are used to.

Soft Grips

The grips of this scooter are soft and measure 150 mm. With these grips, you can be sure to keep your hands on the bars. They are slip-resistant even when wet.

Don’t get surprised when heads turn as you pass by. The colors of Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter will make you ride in style and in pride.

You may choose from the new neo coating limited edition finishes or the anodized colors.

The 3-year warranty comes with your purchase. This just proves the quality you are availing when you pick your new unit of Madd Gear VX8 Team Pro Scooter. Imagine 3 years warranty! Can it get better than that? Definitely not! Commonly you’ll get just 6 months warranty on a scooter.  It’s easy to assemble – it’s dialed from the start. All you need to do is tighten some screws and you are ready to ride!

Madd Gear utilizes a patented process in the assembly of each unit. Such a process is proven to effectively ensure the strength/durability of each ride.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.63 kgs./ 3.59 lbs,
  • 150mm TPR Grips with Nylon Bar Ends
  • MGP Printed Full Deck Grip Tape
  • Fluted Aircraft Grade Aluminum Deck – 20.0” Long x 4.8” Wide (Mgp 83° H/t Integrated 20.0“ L X 4.8“ W Vx8 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated & Fluted With 3° Concave And Headtube Cutout)
  • Downtube Inserts and MFX Deck Blocks
  • 23” WIDE X 24” HIGH 4031 Japanese Cr-Mo Bar (chrome-plated fade upsweep fluted bar)
  • Threadless  6061 Alloy Double Clamp
  • 120mm Fuse Core With Mgp Proprietary Polyurethane Blend
  • Composite Flex Brake
  • Alloy HIC Fork
  • MFX – Integrated / HIC Headset   
  • Maximum rider weight : 220 lbs

In reality, when we consider all the specifications and product‘s main features, buying a Madd Gear VX8 Team doesn’t come cheap.

But at a glance, you can immediately tell that’s it’s worth your every penny.  And when you ride on it, you’ll be more convinced that you just made one of your wisest purchases ever.


So, next time you’ll need an upgrade for yourself or if you want your kid to ride a safe and reliable ride go for Madd Gear V8 Team. Keep in mind the above reasons for choosing this product or any unit from Madd Gear. For sure you’ll never go wrong.

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