Mongoose Expo Scooter Review – The BMX Style Kick Scooter

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 03:30 pm

Toys are not only for small kids, but even the grown-up kids also need their toys. When the toys they used to play becomes too boring for them, it’s the perfect time for an upgrade. We’re not talking about gadgets or any other compact digital games of the new generation, this has something to do with physical activities.

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One of the most popular toys for big boys and big girls are kick scooters, yes, they are not new in the market, but this time the new generation had improved and upgraded the old school scooters of our generation.

And the now Mongoose the popular maker of BMX bikes has produced their own scooters which are very in demand in the market now, one of the most popular models is the Mongoose Expo Scooter.

This is not just an ordinary scooter, it is a combination of the popular BMX bike and kick scooter that is suitable for both young and adult riders.

Main Features

The Mongoose Expo is very much different from other kick scooters in the market, and the first thing that you will notice upon seeing it is the type of tires they used including its size which is far different from an ordinary kick scooter.

This scooter uses 12’ Air Tires, mean to say they are inflatable, so you don’t have to worry about small pebbles scattered in the sidewalk, which can cause such accidents.

Second is the deck part, unlike any other scooters that has a very narrow deck, the Mongoose Expo has a very wide foot deck that can give a very comfortable ride, most especially for kids who are hesitant on the position of their feet.

Decks usually cause bad balancing, especially for beginners. So Mongoose did a great job on this part.

Some kids are interested in bikers who perform unbelievable tricks with their BMX bikes. And since they want to experiment more, this type of scooter would be the best fit for them.

They can definitely get the experience they want because this scooter has BMX freestyle rotor and axle pegs making every coasting tricks possible. And just like BMX bikes, they also have handbrakes for more intuitive control.

We all know that kids are not meant for heavy toys since it can affect their developing muscles and bones, that’s why Mongoose develop this lightweight but spacious kick scooter.

Special Features:

  • It has a wide foot deck that is good for balancing and stability
  • BMX freestyle brake (rotor and axle pegs)
  • Unlike other scooters, the Mongoose 12’ has hand brakes that offers more intuitive control
  • Air tires work well with both rough and smooth surfaces
  • This type of scooter only requires minimal assembly
  • Ideal for kid’s physical activities
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up


  • Weight: 18lbs (8.1kg)
  • Assembled Size: 48.0 H*26.5 W*33.5H Inches
  • Wheels Size: 12”
  • Wheels Type: Inflatable wheels
  • Design: Skull


  • Caliper hand brake
  • Wide foot deck
  • 12-inch air tires that can definitely work on different terrains and surface
  • It is a BMX Style so you will be able to make BMX tricks on it
  • Comes with axel plugs
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy-built
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Free-floating brake cables


  • The rims are only made of plastic
  • Bar-end on the back wheel might hit your kid’s leg or ankle, though you can remove it
  • Plastic deck on top of the frame can’t withstand on heavy users

The EXPO is really meant for kids whose age is 6 and above. If you would compare this model to other scooters in the market, you would be able to say that it is large enough for an older kid to ride, since it has a very solid part and a wide deck for a comfortable ride.

Putting the parts all together is not that complicated at all since you have the manual and you know how to a BMX bike look like. So basically, this is a combination of a kick scooter and a popular BMX bike at the same time.

Some say that the design is really meant for boys, but it’s not because you can choose the color you want. Mongoose scooter provides a safe ride by giving very precise hand breaks, wide deck, and of course the main feature which is the inflatable thick wheels.


Choosing the best scooter for kids is a lot more crucial than purchasing a pro scooter for an adult professional rider. Why? Is it because you have to consider a lot of the size, height, and most importantly the safety of your kid while using the product.

So if you’re looking for a kick scooter that has something in common with a BMX bike, it is definitely the Mongoose Expo Scooter, the ultimate gift for any type of kid.

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