Mongoose Rise 110 Expert: The Ultimate Stunt Scooter Review

Remember the first time you stepped on a scooter? The thrill of speed, the excitement of your first jump, and that incredible feeling of flying through the air? Stunt scootering amplifies that excitement, turning every pavement and park into a playground of possibilities.

It’s not just about getting from point A to B; it’s about how stylishly you can do it. That’s where the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter comes into play. Designed for both budding and seasoned riders, this scooter promises to elevate your stunt game, making every ride an adventure.

As someone who’s spent years mastering the art of stunt scootering, I’ve had my fair share of rides on various scooters, each with its quirks and charms. The Mongoose Rise 110 Expert caught my eye with its bold claims of superior design, performance, and durability tailored for the freestyle enthusiast. With its sleek look and promise of high performance, it begs the question – does it live up to the hype?

This review aims to give you an honest, expert perspective. We’ll dive deep into its features, performance, and overall value, helping you decide if this ride will take your stunt scootering to the next level.

So, grab your helmet, and let’s get rolling – because the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert isn’t just another scooter. It’s a ticket to pushing your limits, mastering new tricks, and possibly finding your next freestyle companion.

Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Technical Specifications

This part of the review is crucial for giving potential buyers a clear understanding of the scooter’s design, build, and functionality. So, let’s break down the specs and what they mean for you as a rider.

  • Deck: Features a lightweight alloy construction with an extended standing area for pro-style performance, ensuring durability and ample foot space for tricks and comfortable riding.
  • Grip: The deck comes equipped with full-coverage MaxGrip™, providing a secure footing to prevent slips during stunts and regular riding, enhancing safety and performance.
  • Wheels and Bearings: The scooter has 110 mm high-impact alloy wheels paired with durable ABEC-9 bearings, offering a smooth and fast ride across different surfaces.
  • Handlebar: A one-piece welded steel T-bar handlebar with bike-style grips is designed for durability and comfort, ensuring a firm grip and control during rides and tricks.
  • Fork and Clamp: It features a CNC alloy fork and a triple anodized CNC clamp collar, which, along with a sealed internal threadless headset, contributes to the scooter’s robustness and smooth steering response.
  • Brake: Includes an alloy brake, contributing to the scooter’s safety by providing reliable stopping power.
  • Frame: The heavy-duty frame supports riders aged eight and above, accommodating weights up to 220 lbs, making it a versatile option for a wide range of users from kids to adults.
Mongoose Rise 110 Expert

Understanding these specifications is vital to appreciating the Mongoose Rise 110’s capabilities and how it stands out in the crowded market of stunt scooters. With its thoughtful design and robust construction, it’s engineered to support both new riders’ learning curve and pros’ demanding needs.

Design and Build Quality

Sleek and Sturdy Design

The Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that doesn’t just look professional but also contributes to its performance. The clean lines and modern aesthetic are complemented by vibrant color schemes and dynamic graphics, making it stand out in a crowd and at the skatepark.

This visual appeal is matched by the scooter’s robust construction, designed to withstand the rigors of stunt riding.

Materials and Construction

The choice of materials speaks volumes about the scooter’s build quality. With an aluminum frame, the scooter is lightweight, facilitating swift movements and airtime without sacrificing strength. This material choice ensures that the scooter can take a beating from drops, jumps, and the general wear and tear of freestyle riding.

The steel fork adds to the scooter’s durability, offering the necessary support and stability for landing tricks and stunts. It’s a balancing act of strength and agility, and the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert meets this challenge head-on.

Weight and Portability

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds, the scooter strikes an excellent balance between being lightweight for performing tricks and heavy enough to offer stability and control at high speeds. This weight distribution is critical for riders looking to progress their skills, as it allows for easier lift-off and precision control in mid-air.

The portability factor is a significant plus, making it convenient to carry the scooter when you’re not riding, whether hopping onto public transport or walking into school.

Deck and Grip

The deck’s design is another highlight, with its non-slip surface providing riders with a secure footing during high-octane stunts. This attention to detail ensures safety without compromising the scooter’s sleek appearance. The quality of the grip tape used on the deck is top-notch, offering durability and sustained performance over time, even with heavy use.


Mongoose hasn’t skimped on the aesthetics. The scooter is available in various colors and designs, each offering a unique flair that appeals to different personal styles. Whether you prefer something bold and eye-catching or sleek and understated, a variant of the Rise 110 will likely catch your eye.

This variety ensures that the scooter isn’t just a piece of sporting equipment but a statement of style.


Shifting gears to the performance arena, the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter doesn’t just boast impressive specs and a sleek design; it brings its A-game where it counts the most: on the streets and in the skatepark.

Performance is the actual test of any stunt scooter, and here’s where the Rise 110 aims to outshine its competition.

Ride Experience

The first thing you’ll notice when taking the Rise 110 for a spin is how smooth it feels. Thanks to the high-quality ABEC-9 bearings and 110mm wheels, this scooter glides over surfaces with a reassuring and exhilarating fluidity.

Rise 110 Expert

Whether navigating the urban landscape or tackling the ramps at your local skatepark, the scooter offers a ride that’s both comfortable and controlled. This smooth operation encourages riders to push their limits, knowing the scooter will respond with the precision needed for intricate maneuvers.

Stunt Capability

The Rise 110’s performance in stunt scenarios is paramount for thrill-seekers and trick enthusiasts. Its lightweight yet sturdy frame allows for quick, responsive movements, making tricks like tailwhips and bunny hops feel effortless.

The scooter’s balance is spot-on, providing a solid platform for landing even the most challenging stunts. Moreover, the grip on the deck ensures that once you land, you stay grounded, adding a layer of confidence to each trick attempt.

Durability on the Move

Performance isn’t just about how well the scooter rides and how it holds up under pressure. The robust aluminum and steel construction of the Rise 110 stands up admirably to the demands of freestyle riding. It absorbs impacts without buckling, ensuring the scooter remains a reliable companion session after session.

This durability is crucial for riders looking to progress their skills without being held back by equipment failures.

Handling and Control

Handling is another area where the Rise 110 excels. The combination of a well-designed fork, effective weight distribution, and responsive grips allows for nuanced control over the scooter’s movements. Whether carving tight corners or executing complex tricks, the Rise 110 feels like an extension of the rider, offering intuitive feedback and maneuverability.

This level of control is a game-changer, especially in competitive or challenging environments.

Speed and Agility

The Mongoose Rise 110 Expert doesn’t just rely on its sturdy build and smooth ride; it’s also quick on its feet. The high-impact wheels and precision bearings make gaining and maintaining speed effortless, a boon for riders using the scooter for commuting and playing. Its agility is evident in how easily it navigates obstacles, making every ride a dynamic experience that tests and builds your riding finesse.

Braking System

No performance review would be complete without mentioning the braking system. The rear fender brake on the Rise 110 is accessible and efficient, providing reliable stopping power with a simple foot press. This feature is invaluable, not just for safety but also for executing stunts that require precise speed control.

Comfort and Safety Features

When evaluating the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter, the comfort and safety aspects aren’t just additional features—they’re integral to the riding experience. This scooter has been thoughtfully engineered to ensure that every ride is thrilling but also secure and comfortable for the rider.

Let’s examine the specifics that make the Rise 110 stand out in these critical areas.

Comfort for Long Sessions

  • Ergonomic Grips: The Rise 110 has soft yet durable grips for long-riding sessions. These ergonomic grips provide a comfortable hold that reduces hand strain, allowing riders to practice for hours without discomfort.
  • Well-designed Deck: The deck of the Rise 110 comes with a non-slip surface that’s gentle on shoes but firm enough to ensure a solid footing. This balance between grip and comfort means riders can focus on their stunts without worrying about slips or excessive foot fatigue.

Safety Features

  • Robust Construction: Safety begins with the scooter’s construction. The aluminum and steel framework of the Rise 110 provides a solid base that can handle the impacts of stunt riding without compromising the scooter’s integrity. This durable construction ensures the scooter won’t easily buckle or break, offering riders a reliable platform for their tricks.
  • Responsive Braking System: Including a highly efficient rear fender brake is a significant safety feature. It allows riders to stop quickly and safely, an essential aspect when performing stunts or riding in busy areas. The brake’s design ensures it’s easily accessible, providing peace of mind for riders, knowing they can stop on a dime when needed.
  • Stability and Control: The scooter’s design emphasizes stability, a crucial factor in performing stunts and safe riding. The expansive deck and quality wheel bearings contribute to a stable ride, reducing the risk of accidents caused by wobbles or loss of control.
  • High-Visibility Design: While not often discussed, the visual design of the scooter can also be a safety feature. The vibrant colors and reflective materials used on some models of the Rise 110 make the scooter more visible to others, particularly in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety for riders.

Durability Meets Safety

  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Part of ensuring a safe ride involves regular maintenance, and the Rise 110 is designed to make this process as straightforward as possible. Easy access to critical components like wheels and bearings means that riders can perform regular checks and replacements without significant hassle, maintaining the scooter’s safety and performance over time.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability and maintenance of the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter are pivotal factors that contribute significantly to its overall value and appeal. A scooter’s ability to withstand the test of time and the ease with which it can be maintained are essential considerations for any rider. Here’s a closer examination of how the Rise 110 scores in these vital aspects.

Robust Materials: The Mongoose Rise 110 is constructed with high-quality aluminum for the frame and steel for the fork, materials chosen for their strength and resilience. This choice ensures the scooter can endure the repeated stresses of jumps, tricks, and the occasional crash, making it a reliable option for riders who push their limits.

Sturdy Construction: Beyond the materials themselves, the construction of the Rise 110 speaks to a design philosophy where every weld, bolt, and component is optimized for durability. The scooter is built to absorb and withstand the rigors of aggressive riding styles, ensuring that it remains solid and responsive over time.

Maintenance Made Easy

User-Friendly Design: The Rise 110 is designed not just for performance but also with maintenance in mind. Components that typically require regular attention, such as wheels, bearings, and the braking system, are accessible for easy inspection, cleaning, or replacement. This design approach encourages riders to keep their scooter in top condition, enhancing its longevity.

Wear and Tear Management: Like all stunt scooters, the Rise 110 experiences wear over time. However, its design minimizes these effects. The quality of the materials used reduces the wear rate on critical components. Plus, the scooter’s modular nature means parts can be replaced as needed, ensuring it can keep rolling for years.

Keeping Your Scooter in Prime Condition

Regular Checks: To maximize the lifespan of the Rise 110, riders should perform regular checks, especially on the wheels, bearings, and brake system. This proactive approach helps identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems.

Cleaning and Lubrication: Keeping the scooter clean and adequately lubricated can significantly impact its performance and durability. Simple practices, such as wiping down the scooter after use and applying lubricant to the bearings, can keep it running smoothly and prevent rust and corrosion.

Component Replacement: The Rise 110’s design allows for easy part replacements. Whether it’s upgrading to higher-performance bearings or swapping out worn wheels, riders have the flexibility to make adjustments as needed. This keeps the scooter feeling fresh and extends its usable life.

Pros and Cons

Now, it’s time to distill our observations into a clear-cut list of pros and cons, providing a straightforward assessment that will aid potential riders in making an informed decision.


  • Lightweight Alloy Deck: Provides a solid foundation for tricks and stunts, ensuring the scooter is easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Durable Construction: With high-impact wheels and a heavy-duty frame, the scooter is built to withstand rigorous use, making it ideal for beginners and experienced riders.
  • Smooth Ride: Equipped with ABEC-9 bearings for a soft, frictionless ride, enhancing performance in skate parks and on streets.
  • Comfort and Grip: Features like full-coverage MaxGrip™ on the deck and quality bike-style grips on the handlebar offer superior comfort and control during long riding sessions.
  • Professional-Grade Features: The CNC alloy fork and triple anodized CNC clamp collar are high-end features contributing to the scooter’s stability and responsiveness.


  • Price Point: While offering excellent value, the initial cost may be higher than some beginners are willing to invest.
  • Weight Limit: Though it supports up to 220 lbs, heavier riders might need to consider scooters designed to accommodate more weight.
  • Complexity for New Riders: The pro-style features and design might be overwhelming for beginners, requiring some learning curve to utilize its capabilities thoroughly.
  • Maintenance: Like all high-performance scooters, periodic maintenance is necessary to keep it in top condition, which might be a consideration for those not inclined towards regular upkeep.

This revised list of pros and cons aims to provide a balanced view of the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter, considering users’ typical expectations and experiences in this product category. For the most accurate and personal assessment, checking out the latest user reviews and product updates directly from retailers or the official Mongoose website is advisable.

Value for Money

With its robust build, excellent performance, and eye-catching design, this scooter is a compelling choice in the stunt scooter market. But does it genuinely offer the best bang for your buck? Let’s break it down.

Price Point Consideration

The Mongoose Rise 110 Expert sits at a price point that might initially seem steep to some, especially beginners or those on a budget. However, when dissecting what this scooter brings—high-quality materials, a design optimized for stunts, and a sleek aesthetic—it’s evident that it’s not just another entry-level scooter.

It’s designed for serious riders who demand more from their equipment. The initial investment is justified by the scooter’s longevity and the level of performance it offers.

Comparing the Competition

When stacked against its competitors, the Rise 110 shines in several areas. Its build quality surpasses many at similar or slightly lower price points, which often compromise on materials or design elements to cut costs.

The thoughtful design touches, like the non-slip deck and the comfortable yet durable grips, set it apart from cheaper alternatives that might not hold up well under rigorous use.

Long-Term Investment

Considering durability and maintenance, the Rise 110 is built to last. Its aluminum and steel construction can withstand the wear and tear of frequent stunts and tricks, translating to fewer replacements or repairs in the long run.

While there may be a learning curve to maintenance, the effort is worthwhile, as a well-maintained scooter will provide years of reliable service. This longevity adds significant value, diminishing the impact of the initial investment over time.

Performance and Enjoyment

The sheer enjoyment and performance capability of the Rise 110 should not be underestimated. The smooth ride, responsive control, and stunt-readiness offer an unparalleled experience that can enhance the skill development of riders.

This level of performance and enjoyment is a critical factor in the scooter’s value proposition, offering not just a mode of transport or a recreational tool but a gateway to mastering new skills and enjoying countless hours of fun.


Wrapping up our in-depth review of the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter, we’ve navigated through its design nuances, technical prowess, performance capabilities, and the sheer thrill it offers on the pavement and in the air. With every kick, jump, and spin, this scooter has proven a formidable companion for riders poised to elevate their stunt scootering game.

The Rise 110 is not just a scooter; it’s a testament to Mongoose’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the freestyle spirit. It embodies the perfect blend of durability, performance, and style, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals.

This scooter does more than meet the standards set by the stunt scootering community; it pushes the boundaries, encouraging riders to explore new heights and master their craft with confidence and flair.

From the meticulous design to the thoughtful integration of high-quality components, the Rise 110 is engineered to support your journey from the first tentative glide to the adrenaline-fueled execution of advanced stunts. It’s built to inspire, endure, and accompany riders as they carve their path in stunt scootering.

Whether you’re showcasing your skills at the skatepark or enjoying a leisurely ride through town, the Rise 110 is ready for whatever adventure lies ahead.

Considering value for money is paramount, the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert positions itself as a wise investment for those serious about their scootering. Its durability ensures longevity, while its performance capabilities promise an exhilarating ride each time.

Yes, it comes with a price tag that reflects its quality. Still, for those dedicated to the sport, the investment translates into countless hours of enjoyment, progression, and, possibly, the thrill of competition.

Final Verdict

The Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter is more than worthy of consideration for anyone looking to engage seriously with stunt scootering. It offers a harmonious blend of quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal, making it a top choice for riders of all levels.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to dive into stunt scootering or an experienced rider seeking a reliable, high-performance scooter, the Rise 110 is equipped to meet and exceed your expectations.

The Mongoose Rise 110 stands ready as your steed, promising rides and journeys. Journeys filled with learning, challenges, triumphs, and, most importantly, fun. It’s not just about the scooter; it’s about what you can achieve with it.

The parks, streets, and ramps are your canvas, and the Rise 110 is your brush. Embrace the adventure, push your limits, and rise with the Mongoose Rise 110.

This review aimed to provide an honest, comprehensive look at the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Freestyle Stunt Scooter, equipping you with the information needed to make an informed decision. The scooter world is vast and varied, but in the Rise 110, you have a contender that promises to support and enhance your riding journey every step of the way.

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