Razor A2 Scooter VS A2 Elite – A Comparative Review

Want a classic scooter for your kids?  Something with features such as being, adjustable, and portable? Do you want all of these at a very affordable price? Don’t look further or consider other brands, the Razor A2 Scooter VS A2 Elite is just what you are looking for.

The Razor A2 Scooter

The A2 model is a high-quality scooter made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s famous as one of the cheapest scooter in the market. A favorite of riders as attributed to its versatility, lightweight, and smooth ride. This scooter is equipped with the company’s special shock-absorbing system. If you want an off-road type of scooter, you can check Razor A5 Air Kick Scooter.

When folded, its size can perfectly fit the space and your kids’ backpack. You can choose from a variety of colors such as green, purple, blue, red, and black/clear. Aside from the color, you and your kid have so many reasons to like this scooter.

Main Features:

  • Patented rear – fender brake
  • Patented handlebar folding mechanism
  • Lightweight. It’s only 6 pounds
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum scooter  premium aluminum design

Other Features:

  • Comes with a 180 days warranty
  • Variety of colors to choose from

Product Specifications:

  • T-tube/Deck: Aluminum with a wheelie bar
  • Handlebars: Adjustable-height
  • Grips: Foam
  • Downtube: Folding
  • Fork: Springless suspension
  • Wheels: 99 mm inline – style Urethane
  • ABEC 5 Bearings
  • Brake: Rear-fender
  • Some assembly required
  • For riders age: 5 and up
  • Max Rider Weight: 143 lbs. (65 kg) 
  • Product Dimension: 26.5 inches L x 13 inches W x 34 inches tall


  • It is light and compact.
  • It can be easily folded and transport.
  • The rear wheel brake is a very important safety feature. This system allows quick stops without the rider getting off the deck.
  • Very durable
  • A perfect ride for children of different ages. Especially for children ages 5+, but can also be used by young adults.
  • The wheels work very well on smooth surfaces. It ensures a fast and better ride.
  • Fast and smooth gliding is possible through the ABEC 5 bearings.
  • Quick stops
  • Made for kids but durable enough to hold adults weight up to 143 lbs.


  • It cannot fold or unfold easily, but you can manage it.  

A2 Scooter can guarantee riders with a 100 percent fun ride. This can be used to ride around the neighborhood or even at the park.

The Razor A2 Elite Scooter

If you are planning to give your kids an upgrade for their old scooter, Razor A2 Elite is one of the best choices you can pick.  Its classic aluminum frame is durable and as usual, the deck gives enough space for the rider. The harder wheels are another upgrade, ensuring speed.

A2 Elite Main Features:

  • Harder and smooth urethane wheels for a faster ride
  • It’s definitely an upgrade of its predecessors in the Razor product series.
  • A comfortable ride is ensured by a springless front wheel shock system. 
  • T – tube, and deck are constructed from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Features patented rear fender brake and folding mechanism designs
  • The handlebars are adjustable making it suitable for young riders.
  • It offers a smooth and exciting ride to beginners.

Other Feature:

  • 90 Days Warranty
  • Stylish Design

Product Specifications:

  • Urethane Wheel
  • Front Wheel Diameter: 98 millimeter
  • Rear Wheel Diameter: 98 millimeter
  • Overall Dimensions: 26.5 inch L x 13.0 inches W x 34.0 inches H
  • Deck Dimensions: 11.4 inches L x 4.5 inches W
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum ( frame )
  • Maximum weight for riders: 143.0 pounds
  • Suited for ages 5 and up
  • Harder wheels at 97 A
  • Wheel Base: 20. 5 inches
  • ABEC 5 Bearing


  •  Very sturdy and well built
  • An enjoyable ride for both kids and adults not exceeding to 143.0 pounds
  •  Wheels give more speed


  • This model has the same size of wheels. They are more stable and go faster. But those that have a big front wheel and a small wheel at the back are more maneuverable.

Similarities and Differences: Razor A2 VS A2 Elite

azor A2 Scooter VS A2 Elite

Both lived to our expectations about products that come from Razor.  They are built to last, made with the best technology and innovations as possible, portable, and affordable at the same time. Great value for your hard-earned money.

Their wheels differ in size thus offering different speeds for the rider.  Though both are of good quality, A2 scooter is more often listed as one of the best kick scooters in the market.  But this doesn’t mean that it A2 Elite fails to meet quality standards. Of course not, after all, it’s from Razor. It’s just that the A2 Scooter is more popular nowadays.

Some Tips before buying a Scooter

  •  When choosing between large and small tires, always remember that your scooters’ maneuverability, portability, and quality of ride are always affected by the wheels.
  •  You should buy a large – wheeled scooter if you are planning on having short trips out of your neighborhood and you expect that you’ll encounter cobblestones and other uneven surfaces.  
  • If you are to bring your scooter in a public vehicle make sure that their wheels are 12 – inch or smaller. With this size, you can easily put them in tight spaces and even in your bag.   
  • The foot brake is ideal for children. It reduces the risk of flipping the scooter when the kid stops suddenly.
  • Large wide deck provides more room for the rider. But there is more risk of the deck touching the ground.  So better to always check the size of the deck.
  • Cheap does not always mean substandard. As well as expensive does not always mean quality.


Finding the right scooter is not an easy task. Everyone should always consider the age of the rider, the purpose for buying the scooter along with the capacity and materials used.  It’s very important that you look at the specifications and the features they offer.

Parents should also guide their kids in picking their ride. After all, it’s not only what they want or what they think they need, it should be more about safety. So there you have it, Razor A2 Scooter vs A2 Elite.

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