Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Review

In the year 2000, Razor challenged itself to revolutionize scooter models in the USA. It had gained and continuously seeks innovations for their products.

Are you a fan of scooters? Do you love the thrill and the excitement that riding brings? Do you also want your kid to ride a more efficient scooter? Or would you like to level up your kid’s riding experience?

So, here’s an innovation from Razor, that you’ll surely find interesting and something to make your head turn. Especially, if you are searching for more speed and more modern brand, out of the typical scooter – the Power Core E100 Electric Scooter.

Let us discuss these two types of Razor Scooter:

Razor E100

Razor Power Core E100

One major concern for E100 is its short battery run time between charges – just 40 minutes.Increase battery life time of 60 minutes
Has been on the market for several years, consequently some of its features become outdated. Comes as a response for the need to upgrade Razor E100, built through advanced technology.
Maximum rider weight is 120 lbs.Maximum rider weight is 120 lbs.
Sold at almost the same price range Sold at almost the same price range
Suggested starting age for rider is 8+Suggested starting age for rider is 8+
Maximum speed 10 mphMaximum speed 10 mph

Generally, Razor Power Core E100 is an upgrade of E100. They have significant differences when it comes to battery runtime and maximum speed per hour. Additionally, they also differ in maximum ride time, the scooter built – motor/ drive types, tires, brakes, and battery system.


Ride Time





Razor E10040 minutesKick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor. Twist-grip acceleration control24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeableHand operated front brake8" pneumatic front tire, urethane rear wheel
Razor Power Core E10060 minutesKick start, high-torque hub motor. Twist-grip acceleration control24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeableHand-operated front caliper brakePneumatic front wheel tire

The above charts clearly distinguished the 2 models. Hopefully, these can be useful in making your next purchase of electric scooters. Just remember to do the following before you purchase a new scooter unit:

  1. Identify what you need the scooter for/ who will use the scooter?
  2. Search for some models through the web. Read the specifications.
  3. Find reviews about the scooter that caught your interest.
  4. Pay attention and analyze the product reviews. They can give you clear ideas of the pros and cons of the product.

What comes with this new product from Razor?

Still, you have to kick, just like the common thing we do, when riding a scooter. But this time it runs on a two 12 V battery, and in wheel hub motor. Sounds fun right!? The speed is significantly efficient than the classic none electric scooter. It moves quietly at 11 MPH with up to 60 minutes of continuous use. Consequently, this provides at most a one-hour non- stop fun for kids.

This also comes with rechargeable batteries and charger, upon your purchase. It is recommended for 8 years old and above.  Lastly, it can hold a maximum weight of 120 lbs.  Smooth rides are possible through pneumatic front wheel tire and rear flat fee rubber tire.

Other important features:

It features a twist-grip acceleration control, and a kick – start, high – torque hub – driven motor. It is energy efficient and can take you farther and faster to places as compared to the classic kick scooter.

What’s so awesome about it? A retractable kickstand and is maintenance-free. This means it has no alignment, no chain, and no belt.  Additionally, this product is environmentally friendly making no noise while you ride on it.  Razor Power Core E100 maintenance-free power core technology provides for 50% more ride time. The handlebars also work great in maneuvering the scooter.


  • Retractable kickstand
  • Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • The twist of the throttle
  • Electric powered scooter
  • All Steel frame and fork
  • Pneumatic front wheel tire
  • Hand operated, front caliper brake
  • 100 Watt Kick-start, high-torque hub motor
  • Some assembly required
  • Speeds up to 11 MPH ( 18 km/h)
  • Kid-sized deck and frame
  • Power Core Technology and Design
  • Increased ride time as compared to E100
  • Flat-free, rubber rear tire for a smoother ride and increased traction.
  • 24V (24V ( two 12V ) sealed lead acid, rechargeable battery system
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 33.7″ L x 16.5″ W x 35″ H.
  • Product Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Battery charger included.
  • S. and International patents pending.
  • Some assembly required.
  • Max Rider Weight: 120 lbs.
  • For Ages 8 and up.
  • Available Colors: Blue, Purple etc.


  • Durability is among the pros for this product, it can handle the abuse of use from kids.
  • The battery life can keep it running for almost an hour.
  • Lighter and more efficient
  • Level up your riding experience with the Power Core E100
  • The power core hub motor has zero emission
  • It features a hand operated front caliper brake for smoother stopping power.
  • Ride in style with this unconventional technology powered scooter


  • Assembly for some parts by adults may be required.
  • Since it is electronic, it may require some repairs when used often by the rider.
  • Motor cover catches and scratches on the ground with sharp right turns.


Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter price may vary, it depends on where you purchase it. Nevertheless, it gives you great value for your money. It provides long-lasting battery life and is designed to give a speedier ride. Moreover, it aims to provide ultimate riding experience, with safety as one consideration. Riders can definitely step up their game, with this innovative ride.

Always bear this in mind:  Do not hurry in purchasing your new unit. Some online shops offer a better deal compared to others. Be particular of the seasons, we all know that during holidays, prices of some items to go lower.

Lastly, enjoy looking for your next scooter. Have a happy and safe ride!

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