Vokul Meta X1 PRO Scooter Review

Last updated on April 17th, 2023 at 03:25 pm

Nowadays there are a variety of pro scooter brands out in the market, and each one of them claims to offer a set of unique and mind-boggling specifications, which can stand as their edge from their competitors.

But despite their marketing strategies, you and your knowledge about the said product will always serve as the deciding factors for purchasing the best pro scooter brand.

One of the most popular freestyle scooter now in the market is the Vokul Meta X1 Scooter, which tend to have enormous upgrade. It is uniquely design for riders who wants to achieve a clean and smooth scooter tricks.

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The Meta X1 Pro has been tested by professional Pro Team from California for its durability.

Main Features

The new Vokul Meta X1 Pro Scooter comes with a unique snakeskin graphics, which tends to be a very rare design for kick scooters.

You need to assemble the parts, but believe it or not it would only take you 5 minutes including the unboxing because the scooter comes with only 2 parts to assemble, which is the main deck together with the wheels and the whole bar with handgrips attached.

You can assemble this scooter with only 3 bolts to be tightened.

This scooter is really fast, unlike other scooter models that has only 100-110mm wheels, the new Vokul Meta X1 Pro has 120mm 3D Forged Metal Core Wheels.

This scooter is designed not only for advanced and master pro scooter riders but also for the intermediate ones who wants to experience how it feels to do such tricks done in skate parks, streets, and during competitions.

What’s new?

The Meta X1 Pro scooter is amazingly lightweight since it is made from 100% complete aircraft aluminum. It is now more durable because of the T4T6 treatment; this also contributes to the weight of the scooter making it lighter.

This could have the best size deck for a very cheap price, the deck plays around 20.5” L * 4.5” W which is suitable people with 5’2 to 5’4 tall. Expect the deck to be lighter because it is made from integrated 6061 alloy and T4T6 heat treated with cutouts.

Vokul doesn’t only focus on its bars, deck, and fork, it also gives so much importance on how comfortable the use and while on the ride.

They provided non-slip to protect the rider from further accidents while on stunts. So basically you’ll get a fast, safe, lighter yet durable pro scooter with this new Meta X1 Pro scooter.


  • Bars: 23.6”W*23.6”H 6061 T4T6 Alloy
  • Deck: 20.5”L*4.5”W Integrated 6061 Alloy T4T6 Heat Treated with Cutouts
  • Fork:  3D Forged 6061 Alloy, CNC Processing
  • Headset: Integrated and Sealed
  • Weight:9.5 lbs. (4.3kg)
  • Compression: HIC/SCS
  • Wheels Size:120MM (Faster than 110mm Scooter Wheels)
  • Clamp: Durable Five Hole Clamp
  • Headtube: 82.5 degrees
  • Wheels Material: 88A High Rebound PU, 3d Forged 6061 Alloy Core
  • Handbar Weight: 1.98lbs (0.9kg)
  • Deck Weight: 3.96lbs (1.8kg)
  • Fork Weight: 0.79lbs (0.36kg)
  • Deck Art: Bright/Dark Snake Skin Neo-Chrome Carbon Fiber


  • Very lightweight compared to other scooters with the same size
  • Sturdy, with top components for each part
  • Comes with enormous upgrades
  • For serious riders, this would be a perfect match in learning new demanding stunts
  • All parts are available online, so you can easily replace or fix it.
  • It was really fast because of its wheels’ size


  • Tires can wear down easily
  • Pricey if you would compare it to other cheap pro scooters in the market

Review and opinions can influence your future purchase decisions, that’s why I made this section to simply explain all the written thoughts above. With Vokul Meta X1 Pro you can really go fast, faster than the other scooters in the market that has the same price.

The materials used contributes to its performance, we all know that alloy is lighter than steel, so expect it to be light but faster. Many would think that is way too weak for critical stunts, but it’s not because it was purely made with durable bars which are really oversized.

When talking about safety, the handlebars are well protected with soft TPR rubber grips which can provide comfort in your palms and at the same time protect and improve your performance to fell an overall experience.

Vokul provides anti-slip comfort grips. Its wheels provide a really smooth riding feel since it was large and intact.

You wouldn’t find be able to find this type of pro scooter that is lightweight but can definitely withstand on streets or skate parks. Vokul has recently gained its reputation as one of the most popular brands of a scooter in the market.


So if you need a pro scooter that is lightweight, fast, and sturdy, you can consider this all-new Meta X1 Pro Scooter made by. It was tried and tested by professionals and it can give you an overall experience.

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